1. You've been freaking out about finding the perfect little since bid day and you try to get all the new members to love you.

2. You start saving up money over the summer to brace yourself for an empty wallet.

3. Youre probably even started crafting in the summer when you're bored.

4. You practically live on Pinterest.

5. Suddenly, signing up for the Michaels rewards programs and coupons were the best choices you ever made.

6. You get stressed out when you find out that big little week is, of course, right in the middle of midterm season.

7. But then you totally prioritize crafting and gifting over studying or homework.

8. You start to live off of ramen and cheap food as your bank account slowly dwindles.

9. You pray that your little actually put a lot of stuff on her survey so that you don't have to buy them the same things over and over again or are forced to guess things she likes.

10. Meanwhile, the amount of "can't wait to add to the fam" pics on Instagram is insane.

11. On the one hand, you get incredibly stressed out and protective when you hear other girls talking about their love for your desired little, buy you also know that it's great for her to know more girls in the house well.

12. But you still feel threatened and try to hang out with said future little more.

13. There may even be some drama about fighting over girls.

14. When you find out who your little is going to be, the chaos ensues to personalize everything you can and you have to hit the stores before everyone else does.

15. You then have to figure out how hard you're going to try to trick your little and convince them that you aren't her big.

16. And you totally find out what other bigs are giving and totally try to top that.

17. Glitter is everywhere and no matter how hard you try, it stays all over your room and clothes.

18. You also go the craft store to make some bomb letters but there's one letter missing and the struggle is real.

19. You have to play it really cool when you see your little in public so you don't give anything away.

20. After little sleep, lots of crafts, and hours of planning, reveals makes the whole process worth it.