Big City, Bigger City
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Big City, Bigger City

4 things that hold true when you move from a big city to a bigger city.

Big City, Bigger City
Sydney Franklin

1. Chances are the public transportation system is different than the one you're used to.

Because Dallas-Fort Worth is a metroplex made up of multiple large suburbs, many DTX natives are accustomed to driving most anywhere they want to go. Whether we're traveling from Plano to Downtown, from Carrollton to Arlington, or from Denton to Grapevine, we North-Texans are not fazed by the potential 25-40 minute commute required to get where we want to go. We'll endure the annoyance of the highway traffic, but the parking will be free. On the off chance that we decide to use the DART train (because it comes in quite handy for day trips across town), and it's within a reasonable driving distance of your home, we will probably park and ride -- park our cars at the station, then ride the train. Upon arriving at the station, you'll quickly buy a paper ticket. This paper ticket will be valid for the duration of the day, or three days, or a week, or maybe a month, but chances are that you'll lose it. If you're a student, you'll definitely buy the student ticket to take advantage of the discount, even if you don't have your Student ID on you. If you find yourself running .5 seconds late, you'll quickly run up to the train, push the open-this-door-please button, or hope someone else does for you, hop on, and life will be good. (Except you'll wonder why you even bought a ticket because, 65 percent of the time, no one will ask you to see it.)

But here in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia Area), you can reach the D, the M, or the V, in 20 minutes tops using the METRO (unless they're single-tracking). Of course, there are a few park and ride stations, but most often, the METRO is a short, two-block walk from your home. To hop on the METRO, you have to buy this $2.00 SmarTrip card and scan the card to enter or exit the station. You need to have enough funds on the card to get where you want to go (or you will literally be stuck in the station). There's also no set price to get around town… Go figure. It is a whole new world out here, kids.

2. If you move to a different region of the country (say from the South to the East Coast), chances are your favorite eateries are no longer there for lunch dates.

There are no Whataburger’s in the DMV, and I think that’s the saddest thing I’ll say all day. The DMV also doesn’t have a single BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse here. I’m just going to stop there because I’m in tears. However, I will say that the food truck life is pretty ~swell~.

3. The natives probably walk faster.

While we North-Texans can out drive anyone, especially if we’re on an 80 mph highway, on foot, we can forget it. The people in the DMV are ~casual~ speed walkers. They’re in a hurry everywhere. Headed to work? Speed walking. Headed to lunch? Speed walking. Headed to the bathroom? Speed walking. Headed on break? Speed walking. Headed home? Speed walking. Headed to take a relaxing walk in the park? Speed walking. I participated in an amazing race last weekend and won entrance to an event at the Embassy of the Bahamas. As we ran around The District collecting items, the only people we got funny looks from were the tourists. The natives thought everything about our behavior was normal. I, on the other hand, needed my inhaler.

4. No matter how much you love the bigger city, you'll miss the big city you came from.

As any of my friends can tell you, I’m a proud North Texan. While I love this lifestyle I’m living, no city will ever hold as special of a place in my heart as the Big D.

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