7 Reasons "Big Brother" Should Be Your Go-To Summer Show
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7 Reasons "Big Brother" Should Be Your Go-To Summer Show

As far as reality shows goes, this one takes the gun on being the most outrageous yet most fun things to watch during your summer.

7 Reasons "Big Brother" Should Be Your Go-To Summer Show

There are many things that set this show apart from other reality shows. What could possibly go wrong when 16 people are locked together in a house all summer with no contact to the outside world competing for $500,000?

1. The Drama

There's always drama between the houseguests, whether it's people who simply don't like each other, or with all of the backstabbing and betrayals that happen throughout the summer. It's always popcorn-worthy.

2. The Backdoor

One of the most commonly used tactics on this game is the backdoor, where someone is put up for eviction as a pawn, convinced they are safe for the week, but then they are the ones that head out the door.

This is the ultimate form of betrayal in this game, and somehow people always still get backdoored every season.

3. You Get To See Everything

With cameras being literally everywhere, you get to catch all of the moments every second of every day. This includes secret conversations about betrayals or backdoors, or moments of forming alliances, bromances, or showmances.

The episodes show the most iconic moments, but you can get online and access the cameras any time of the day, even when the show is not airing. That aspect is kind of creepy and stalker-ish, but also really cool to be able to tune in whenever you want.

4. The Showmances

So many people head into this game not intending to have any type of romance and to be strictly there for the half a million dollar prize, but being locked in a house with 15 other people for 99 days can cause people to change their minds.

At least one showmance typically forms, and it usually gets them evicted down the line. However, some have ended in actual relationships or marriage, so I guess it's not too bad of a way to meet people.

5. The Competitions

These competitions, be it Head of Household, Veto, or the occasional Battle Back, are always so fun to watch.

Whether they're endurance competitions or mental ones, it's always fun to see what underdogs come out on top and gain the power. It's just always cool to see how the power switches each week, and how one competition can change the entire game.

6. The Alliances

It's always so cool to see how many alliances last the summer. Usually, the smaller ones can make their way through, if those people are truly loyal to one another.

It always gets so dramatic when the alliances have to turn on each other, or just decide to do it to make a big move. Who the houseguests align with can make it or break it for the winners in the end.

7. The Twists

Big Brother's motto is "expect the unexpected". Each season there's a new twist on new powers or competitions for the summer, and they're always so different and entertaining.

Also, each new season's theme is so different, and the twists are usually based on that, so it's cool to see how it's switched up each year.

.So if you enjoy watching people go crazy and turn against each other while stuck in one place for 3 months, you definitely need to check out "Big Brother". It's worth it.

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