"Big Brother" is my summer guilty pleasure. Three nights a week, I tune in to CBS to watch a group of houseguests compete in a game of physical and metal competitions as well as social strategy in the hopes of winning $500,000! In case you are not familiar with the game, here is a quick summary:

-16 people live in a house together, and their every move is recorded and watched by fans.

-The players, called "houseguests," compete in challenges to gain power in the house. Each week, one houseguest is evicted (voted out) by the other houseguests, and this continues all summer until two players are left. The winner is chosen in a vote by evicted players on the jury.

Of course the game is more complicated that this basic introduction, but in this article, I want to introduce you to the players on this current season. But first, in flashy "Big Brother" fashion, there is a twist coming your way. Instead of words, I will provide one GIF or meme to describe each houseguest. Enjoy!

1. Paul.

2. Natalie.

3. Jozea.

4. Bridgette.

5. Bronte.

6. Michelle.

7. Tiffany.

8. James.

9. Nicole.

10. Paulie.

11. Corey.

12. Frank.

13. Glenn.

14. Da'Vonne.

15. Zakiyah.

16. Victor.

So there you have it! Each GIF and meme describes the houseguests based on how they are portrayed on the show! Look up what each person looks like, and watch "Big Brother" on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS!