Gifts for your boyfriend are so hard because, let's face it, he already has everything he needs (YOU)!

Christmas shopping for your boyfriend can be tough. How much should you spend? Will he actually like it or will it sit in his drawer until next Christmas? You know your boyfriend best, so consider these options to see which one he'll love best!

1. If he's a handyman

If he is good with all things repair, the Universal Socket Grip is perfect! Packed with all kinds of stuff (I'm not even going to pretend to know what this thing is equipped with) to keep him busy during the winter.

2. If he's the lovey dovey type.

Super cheap. Super romantic. Super fun for you to create! This My Boyfriend A-Z Flip Book is the perfect gift if you're deciding to not go too big this year, but still want to remind him you love him.

3. If you want to get him something practical.

Every young man needs a good watch. This Engraved Wooden Men's Watch is the perfect combination of sophisticated and sleek. As an added bonus, there's a cute little saying on the back. This is my personal favorite as the cost is decent, he's sure to use it and love it, and it has a romantic touch!

4. If you're in a long distance relationship.

These Distance Bracelets are possibly the cutest things in the world. Not to be dramatic or anything. The unisex style of these bracelets is the perfect gift for your boyfriend who goes to a different school. Plus, it's a little gift for you too!

5. If you're the best girlfriend ever.

Seriously, who wouldn't want this drone? It's perfect for beginners and is sure to keep him occupied all winter break long. He'll love you forever!

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