What Lies Beyond The Four Walls Of A Classroom

A classroom is made up of a lot more than just four walls, some desks, and shelves. It is made up of knowledge, hope, love, respect, and generosity; the lives of students. It is not an easy job going to school and being a student on top of everything else for forty-hours a week. A student has to be on their “A game” and do their best, even when there is pain and other distractions keeping one from learning.

There is so much inquiry and thoughts that go on inside one’s head each day. The mind is constantly going and thinking, even when one tries to stop. It is a challenge to be present and live within the moment, especially when the world and school are on one’s mind. However, a student brings knowledge and input to each day. Even if they do not talk a lot, they are still (hopefully) putting their thoughts down on paper and expressing themselves. It can be so hard, especially for introverted people to talk and share what is on their mind because they are afraid what others may think or react to it, so writing things down, drawing, singing, playing music are all ways to express oneself and show how amazingly smart and talented they really are.

Students also come with a lot of baggage. As the teacher, they have no idea what goes on beyond the school day. The students don’t like to talk about the bad things so much because they do not know how to communicate it, as well as they do not want the teacher to think that they are a bad or troubled person. Many secondary students go to school because it is a “safe place” away from everything. It is very important to have a strong relationship with students because then students will gain trust and be honest.

Lastly, students bring in a sense of positivity. If the classroom is a fun, engaging, and affirmative learning environment, then they will be happy to learn and become the amazing individual that they know they are. With that reassurance, then they will be excited to come to class everyday, and will be like the sun that shines in their life. Not all students are the same; they all have their background and history. As a teacher, that is something to always remember and respect.

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