Beyoncè's Amazing Work Ethic Is So Inspiring
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Beyoncè Continuously Promotes Good Work Ethic, And We Should Be Taking Notes

Start taking the lemons life gives you seriously.

Beyoncè Continuously Promotes Good Work Ethic, And We Should Be Taking Notes

With the rollout of her three-year-old album "Lemonade" hitting all streaming platforms this past week, Beyoncè Giselle Knowles-Carter has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. She consistently proves to the public that she is a force to a reckoned with. With the arrival of her "Homecoming" documentary on Netflix and her upcoming clothing deal, we all should be quaking.

I want to highlight why Beyoncè, in this day and age, is someone we should admire. Not just for her talents, but for her ability to attack her goals head-on.

Beyoncè always has the mindset that the finished product will be successful and resonate with its audience. She doesn't just have a phase one, she has phase 100. 1,000 even. She pays attention to minor details that are often overlooked and tries to make everything little thing matter. She does everything full-heartedly and is able to put her blood, sweat, and tears into her craft.

Aside from being a mother and a wife, Beyoncè is a performer, whom I believe is one of the best performers our generation will come to see.

She puts a lot of energy into each performance she does, and this was very evident in her "Homecoming" documentary.

What I was able to take away from the 2 hours and 17-minute program was that in order to excel in your craft, you must endure humility, exhaustion, repetitiveness, and discipline. You have to be able to see yourself mess up in order for you to learn from the mistakes, and do better. You will tire yourself out along the way, but it comes with the perfection of the craft.

Don't push yourself too hard, though. You have to be able to do the same thing 100 times until you get sick of yourself doing it. You have to be able to restrict yourself from whatever is keeping you from reaching your goals. Finally, you have to able to love what you're doing in order to succeed in it fully. Give it your all.

Beyoncè shows me that my talents will not go unnoticed. If you're confident in what you do, you will be recognized. And stream "Lemonade." That's important too.

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