I think everyone should just, you know, relax. Why? Because, well, you're not. In general, we could all take a deep breath and be less frustrated and judgmental. The one thing I wish we would especially relax about is Beyonce.

I like Beyonce. Her music from the early-mid 2000s was my jam. Crazy in Love is an amazing song and always once of my favorites. Without going all music critic, I'll say I prefer some of her older stuff, but I enjoy and appreciate everything she has made. She is a well-known, powerhouse artist and hard worker. I am not the biggest Beyonce fan, and I make no attempt to follow her life or accolades. However, I cannot help but keep updated when she is talked about so much. Ever since the announcement of her pregnancy, Tomi Lahren wannabes have come out and exclaimed anti-Beyone attitudes. I've heard individuals claiming she should not be so expressive about her pregnancy, reassuring fans that it is not special to be pregnant since people do that everyday. Are you kidding me? Then, people are trash-talking Adele for believing Beyonce deserved an award over her. Again, are you joking or being serious?

If you have to go out of your way to tell people to stop being happy for someone else, someone they are a fan of, you must be pretty depraved and for that I am sorry for you. It takes a special breed of human to have to remind people of bad things so that they are less happy for something else. Those people need to relax and stop making everything about them. In the art world, there are critics. It's okay to like a piece of music, film, etc. just as it is okay to dislike it. What comes with that understanding, though, is that it is equally okay for someone to like something you dislike, and vice versa. When you go out and say, "stop talking about [insert art/artist]" it says far less about your critique about the artist and far more about yourself. Take a deep breath, relax. You can dislike Beyonce. It's okay. You're going to be okay.

Okay, I'll admit it seems a little hypocritical. I got a little upset about people being upset, and chimed in on the issue. I'm only a little upset because people are being hateful and insulting about an issue that is not hurting anyone else. Beyonce is not a violent criminal, criminal mastermind, or fascist dictator. She is an artist who inspires young women to simultaneously better themselves and be happy about who they are. To go out of your way to ask people to stop feeling inspired is once again, a sign of unfortunate depravity. So, hey, you know, relax?