This summer I have focused strictly on personal development and getting back into loving myself. Here are some things that have helped me...

Dyed my hair 

My hair was definetly due for a new color, so I dyed it black and got some blonde highlights in there.

Started a side hustle 

I now have a second job working from my phone and making some extra cash!


A week ago, I thought podcasts were the strangest things. Like who wants to listen to someone talk?? Apparently I did, one podcast and I was in love.

Wake up early 

Personally, if I worked at 4 pm, I would sleep until 3 pm because that is how bad my depression is. Now, I am waking up at 8 or 9 and starting my day and getting things done around the house!

Read a book 

I've been reading books that I can relate to. It just gets me out of my thoughts and out of my head for a little.

Watching my spending 

I think the biggest stressor for me is my money. I hate living paycheck to paycheck or knowing that I am almost out of money. I've cut down on eating out in order for me to have money in my account.

Put my phone down for hours 

Technology and social media is such a necessity in our lives. I've cut down my phone usage to make sure I am focusing on me.

Face masks 

A face mask helps me relax!