Better Noodles for Any Dish
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Better Noodles for Any Dish

The thicker the noodle, the happier your tummy.

Better Noodles for Any Dish

When we think of Southern dumplings, the first element that stands out is "Southern." Dumplings seem to only be used with gravy and chicken but there are tons of other and better ways they can be used.

Anything that requires a noodle would do better with the chunks of noodles that are considered "Southern." I mean, bread is the best thing to happen to mankind. How would more, chunkier noodle NOT do a dish well?

Replace Your Pasta Noodles

When eating any Italian dish, the pasta is the center of the dish. But what if that pasta was bigger and better? With "spaghetti and meatballs," you could literally have "noodle balls and meatballs." That's so much more interesting!

Add Them to a Soup

The whole childhood canon revolves around chicken noodle soup. Recreate your elementary school lunch with a more high class-vibed soup catered to those who's favorite part of chicken noodle soup was always the noodle. Better yet, it doesn't matter what kind of soup you're eating (broth, tomato, tortilla, cream, chowder, bean, ect.). Dumplings go with anything!

Replace Your Toast

You know how eggs always go good with a crisp piece of toast? What if your toast was a kind, little ball of goodness that could be eaten in the same forkful of your morning eggs? Not only would the dumplings go well, but they can be spiced and flavored with whatever you enjoy.

Have I gotten your attention? Here's the perfect recipe for the standard dumpling!

1 Serving // Prep Time: 8 minutes // Cook Time: 5 minutes

Dough Ingredients:

  • 1 large egg
  • 6 tablespoons flour


  1. In small pot, boil water.
  2. In a small bowl, wisk egg and flour together.
  3. With fork, scoop flour mixture into boiling water in one inch dimes.
  4. Let boil for five minutes, without a top.
  5. Drain water and top with herbs and cheese of your liking.
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