Gay Best Friends Are Better Than Regular Friends
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5 Reasons Having A Gay Best Friend Is Better Than Having Regular Friends

Gay friends are just like diamonds.

5 Reasons Having A Gay Best Friend Is Better Than Having Regular Friends

There's something truly magical about a relationship between a straight girl and a gay man.

1. Gay friends will love your inner beauty.

Andre Hunter

It is a very well-known fact that good friends will definitely love you for who you are inside, but there's something about having gay friends that makes you feel truly accepted and admired for things other than your looks, your money, or your social status. Gay friends will rarely feel jealous of you for those things, and that's why hanging out with them will always feel like someone lifted a big weight off your shoulders.

2. Gay friends will give you great love advice.

Josh Felise

Even though they're gay, your GBFs are still men, and they know the male brain better than us ladies do. The advice that your gay friends can give you as far as your love life goes will definitely be far better than any advice you will ever receive from your girlfriends, your mother, or even your grandmother. I mean, you should still listen to what grandma has to say, because she's been through some stuff and she probably has some great tips and tricks to pass down to you.

3. Gay friends could never become your lovers.

Adriana Velásquez

Often, friendly relationships between straight women and straight men can be misinterpreted. This is when those relationships become bumpy and weird, and sometimes we end up cutting ties with the other person because it's way too awkward to continue thinking of them as just friends. With gay friends, this could never happen. They're there to listen to you, to love you, and to cheer you on, no strings attached.

4. Gay friends will (almost) never steal your man.

Priscilla Du Preez

Unless your boyfriend is a closeted gay man, it's practically impossible for your gay friends to steal your man candy. I think most girls have that one former girlfriend who once thought it would be worth it to lose their friendship over a guy, and that guy probably ended up leaving them too in the end. With gay friends, you can rest assured that your boyfriend or any male companion is safe from being snatched from you.

5. Gay friends will never use locker room talk when talking about you. Pavlov

Some men like to compensate for their own lack of testosterone by speaking in an incredibly rude way about the girls they're friends with, or even the girls they love. Your gay friends could never speak that way about you because they know how much it annoys you when you accidentally overhear conversations where other men are diminishing women for no apparent reason.

Your gay friends will always be there for you, no matter what life throws at you. Make sure to thank them just for being their wonderful, fabulous selves, and prioritize their friendship over anything else. Gay friends are just like diamonds: they're definitely a girl's best friends.

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