Betches Is Releasing A New Dating App Where Your Friends Pick Your Matches,
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Betches' New Dating App 'Ship' Will Let Your Friends Pick Your Matches, So You'll Actually Find A Good Relationship For Once

Sayonara paragraph-long texts explaining the backstory of last night's fuckboy!

Betches' New Dating App 'Ship' Will Let Your Friends Pick Your Matches, So You'll Actually Find A Good Relationship For Once

You've started too many to count conversations on Bumble, your hands hurt from swiping left on Tinder, and you're sick of your grandma going on and on about JDate or Christian Mingle. Don't fret, Betches' new app, Ship, may just be your silver lining of online dating. Don't wait to finish reading, download it now.

Betches is a media outlet based on everything female. Female empowerment, female friendship, female bitchiness, and badass boss-ness. Accordingly, best friends and cofounders Aleen Kuperman, Samantha Fishbein, and Jordana Abraham joined forces to create the ingenious dating app that "bring[s] social connection back to dating."

You and your friends already play around with one another's Tinders, Snapchats, and texts, but with Ship, your friend's contribution can be more beneficial than the five-minute entertainment of switching phones and flirting with one another's suitors or screenshots with paragraph-long texts explaining the backstory of last night's fuckboy or S.O.S. phone calls in the middle of the night.

Imagine your life is a scene from "Sex and the City" and you (Carrie) are having brunch with your versions of Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda as you discuss the disappointing New York men. But, this time, instead of hearing you complain about gross one night stands, eight-second sex, and the homeless man who unceasingly catcalls you, Samantha grabs your phone, downloads Ship, and starts to choose the man of your dreams.

Your friends know you best. Maybe they even know you better than you know yourself. Or, at least they know what kind of man you deserve. Farewell, fuckboys! They've been through the good, bad, and ugly, so they know what characteristics your other half needs. Instead of finding a man on your own and introducing them to your friends in hopes that they approve.

Your BFFs have the opportunity to further their connection with you by helping you out with your love life: "We build our lives around the connections and friendships that matter the most to us, and Ship allows us to be there for our friends as they navigate the world of dating," the co-founders stated in their press release.

Let your besties swiftly swipe through the masses of online single men.

Your friends support you no matter what. Give them the reign. Through Ship, you can create a group chat with your friends, which effortlessly allows you to share profiles of bachelors, encourage flirtatious messages, and approve or disapprove friends' choices.

Grab the girls, find your perfect man, and dance away on girls' night.

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