Sisters Before Misters
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Sisters Before Misters

Sisters are your life long best friends that will always be there for you no matter what.

Sisters Before Misters

I've always loved the saying, "Sister's before misters" because it is so true. Guys will come and go but your sisters will always be there no matter what happens in life.

My sisters are five and six years younger than me, so growing up, I never got a along with them because there was really nothing we had in common. I was in school and they were home, or they were in elementary and I was in middle. I use to fight with them all the time and I was so mean to them. At some point, I believe they thought that I hated them.

Up until recently, I always took them for granted because I knew they looked up to me, but I never would give them the time of day to even have some time with me. I just kept brushing them off until one night I was going through a lot and I felt like no one was there for me and I was all alone, so they spent the whole night trying to cheer me up. They didn't ask a word about what happened, they just knew that there sister was not happy and they needed to fix that.

Ever since then, I believe that we have grown a stronger bond then ever. Now since they are all grown up now (teenagers), I think they have an understanding as to how difficult it was for me to get along with them.

With sisters, it doesn't matter how many times you have screamed that you hated them or how much they get on you nerves, but it's the times that you show your love for each other and make the most out of the days spent together.

Whether you're the older, middle or youngest sister and whether you're still living with your siblings or you're living away, being a good sister requires tolerance, patience and a willingness to find the time to connect. Fostering a good relationship with your siblings is important if you want to be able to turn to them throughout your life and rely upon their support through thick and thin. Being a good sister involves leading by example, demonstrating to your siblings how much you value the sibling relationship and how much they matter to you.

Step one: Be Thoughtful

Remembering their birthdays and remembering special occasions is an easy and thoughtful way to show that you care and that your sisters matter to you. You don't have to buy expensive things, just buy small and thoughtful gifts or make them yourself. After all, despite it being a cliché, the thought really is what counts. Try to select something that is meaningful for your them. For example, if your sister is playing a sport, think about a sporting gift that is relevant.

Step Two: Spend time Together

Try to find meaningful things to do together, it is in the simple things of everyday life that we build and improve our relationships constantly. By making time to listen to them by maybe asking how their day was or taking a walk together after an evening meal, you are making an effort that will ensure that the you stay connected and remain familiar with one another's thoughts and ideas.

Step Three: Keeping the Peace

Yelling, shouting and whining may feel good at the time but these are ineffective ways of communicating properly. In the long term, the more you resort to such behavior, the less you'll be heard and the more fractious your relationship will be with your sisters. Instead of yelling or whining, find calm and constructive ways to say what you want to say and get your point of view heard:

  • Speak calmly and stick to the facts.
  • If you feel yourself getting heated, ask for time out and go off to recollect your better self.
  • If you feel out of control when relating to your siblings, look inside first. Sometimes getting angry with others is about feeling that you don't have control over them; the reality is that you don't need any other person's acknowledgment of your self worth and you don't need to control them. Set boundaries rather than acting angrily.

Step Four: Boost their Morale

Help build your sisters confidence by letting them know when they are doing a good job. Don't hold back on noticing the good things they do and be ready with praise to encourage their efforts. Also, be willing to help them see what isn't working too. It's a lot kinder to point out what needs to change than to let you sister continue to do something that isn't ever going to work out for him or her.

Last but not least, always, always, always, remember to love one another unconditionally.

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