Why You Need To Stop Sleeping On Zayn Malik's Music

12 Reasons You Needed To Stop Sleeping On Zayn Malik's Music, Like, Yesterday

Ever since Zayn left One Direction, everyone just stopped listening to him. You need to hear these 12 songs.


Below are some of Zayn's best songs. Zayn almost never promotes his music as he should. Therefore I am doing him free publicity by blessing people with his music. Hopefully, you will give these songs a listen and agree with me!

1. "Pillowtalk"

2. "Like I Would"

3. "Back To Sleep (remix)" [feat. Usher & Zayn] 

4. "Drunk"

5. "Wrong" (ft. Kehlani)

6. "She"

7. "Common"

8. "Let Me" 

9. "Talk To Me"

10. "There You Are" 

11. "No Candle No Light" (ft. Nicki Minaj)

12. "Tio"

Give these Zayn songs a try and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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