The Best & Weirdest Beauty Tricks

Ever wonder how the models storming New York Fashion Week get rid of blemishes the night before a big show? Or, how the girl who sits next to you in chem just has incredibly glossy hair like, every day? Are you grappling with how exactly to keep your lips from consistently looking like they are cracking and crumbling under the harsh winter weather? Here are some beauty hacks that might sound a little strange, but if you give them a try you will not regret it!

Brush Your... Lips?

This has got to be one of the weirdest things to do. I can personally say that if you are trying this trick in your dorm room bathroom, the girl next to you actually brushing her teeth might give you a look like you are crazy. But, it is the best for rejuvenating your winter lips! Brushing your lips is basically the cheap version of buying an expensive sugar lip scrub (& is just as effective.) Ridding yourself of dead, dry skin and exposing a layer of plump, hydrated skin beneath.

How to: Run water until it is warm. Wet the bristles of a toothbrush under the warm water. Gently exfoliate your lips with the wetted toothbrush.

The Reverse Wash System

Want to give your locks the ultimate hydrating treatment every day? Change up your routine. If you want to get your hair clean and bouncy without making it dry, conditioner before shampoo is the way to go. This hack does not require any expensive serums or hair masks, you can do it with the shampoo and conditioner in your shower caddy right now!

How to: Simply condition like normal, rinse out most of the conditioner, then shampoo and rinse everything out. (Disclaimer: there are some shampoo and conditioner products that were designed for the reverse system, so if you find that you really like the system, try them out.)

Ice, Ice ...Toothpaste

The secret concerned moms have told their screaming daughters about for what seems like centuries: just slop some toothpaste on any acne uprising! Toothpaste dries out the pimple really nicely. Icing the pimple after it is dried out, takes away any redness and swelling that come with it. NYFW models swear by this ol' trick and do it the night before any big event when a pimple strikes.

How to: Any toothpaste will do. Apply overnight, or for a few hours while binge watching a Netflix series. After you wipe the toothpaste on, apply ice until redness and swelling minimize. (For a little added lip greatness, try putting on some peppermint oil for an added plump look, that will make lips Kylie Lip Kit ready in no time.)

Lash Love

If you want seriously stunning lashes, heat up your eyelash curler with your blowdryer before curling. If you want long, luscious lashes that go beyond just being well - curled, take baby powder and apply in between coats of mascara for super full lashes. Combine these two weird hacks and you will have people asking where you get your lashes done all night.

How to: Heat up eyelash curler with a blowdryer, then curl. Also, apply coats of baby powder in between coats of mascara.

For the ultimate wide-eyed look: apply some white eyeliner to the water line. This makes eyes look full and bright.

Cleaner Phone, Cleaner Face

This hack is so simple, but so necessary! We put our phones on our faces too often. All of the oil and residue from our fingers when we are scrolling through Instagram makes its way to our faces when we lift up our phones to answer a call. Be mindful of this and wipe your phone down with rubbing alcohol every so often - you will stop the production of blackheads and pimples galore.

How to: Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a paper towel, wipe phone screen down.

Want Your Perfume to Last All Day?

Dab tiny amounts of Vaseline on scent spots like the back of your neck or your wrist and then spray your favorite perfume. The scent will stay on so much better and for longer with the help of Vaseline!

How to De-Puff Eyes Once & For All

A cold spoon is the oldest, and best trick in the book for chronically puffy eyes. Another trick is to place bags of green tea under the eyes for the same type of benefits.

How to: Enjoy a glass of green tea after dinner (added bonus: this will help that metabolism stay strong,) and then re - use the green tea bags underneath eyes for the ultimate de - puffing strategy.

I keep telling myself that if I constantly do beauty hacks I will one day wake up as fresh faced and glowing as GiGi Hadid constantly is. Anyway, some of these tricks are unorthodox, and might sound a little crazy, but they are all practical and easy. Best of all, they are incredibly effective! Give em a try.

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