The Best Video Game To Play This Summer

The Best Video Game To Play This Summer

Connect with nature by staring at your computer screen!


Looking for a way to pass the long summer hours? I've got the game for you: "Stardew Valley." Although I may be a little while late on the "Stardew Valley" Hype Train, let me tell you why this game is the perfect way to waste your time.

"Stardew Valley" is the love child of "Minecraft" and "Harvest Moon"; it's a farm simulator with crafting aspects. As per "Harvest Moon" standard, you begin the game with some seeds. Then you plant those seeds. And then those seeds grow. And then you sell those plants to buy more seeds. And then you plant those seeds. And before you know it you've been on your computer for 72 hours straight and your parents are calling the police to find their missing child.

It's one of those games that sound really boring when you describe it, and there are parts that actually are super boring, and yet it's so fucking addictive. I began the game with a mild sense of interest, and after not even owning it for a day I'm worried that I might not be able to afford a chicken coop before summer starts unless I sell the items that I've been hoarding for gifts for the doctor in town who I want to marry solely for his mustache. And when you're not farming, you're running around exploring the wilderness, visiting with the many, many townsfolk, fishing, mining, fighting slime monsters in the darkness, or discovering the magical secrets of a race of plant creatures.

There is a lot of shit to do in this game, and it's shit in the most wonderful sense of the word.

The fact that I recommend "Stardew Valley" as a summer game is mostly because of all this stuff to do. Yes, there are a lot of blockbuster games out there that you can buy, and probably should. You stay up all night and you play that game until it's dead, then you beat it and watch the credits scroll past. You can't do that with "Stardew Valley"; it feels like there's not real end. You just keep living life in your cute little farm house, raising animals or harvesting crops or building relationships. This is one of those games that you invest hours upon hours into, willingly, and let me tell you, it's satisfying. When you save enough money to afford that first farm upgrade, it feels like you should go on Facebook and brag about it.

"Stardew Valley" is out for the PC right now. It's independently created, which means when you buy it, the money benefits the creators directly. And really, they deserve it. You're not only supporting all the numerous hours that they've put into this project, you're encouraging them to make more. So go out and waste some hours in this wonderful new addictive game, just like me!

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