Best Spots On UMD's Campus To Write And Study

Writing can sometimes be a tricky thing. At one moment, you can be typing away and next you could be staring at a blank screen. As a writer, I have had my struggles of finding the right "spot" around campus, trying to find a place inspirational with little or no distraction. After my extensive research, I have come up with five good writing spots on UMD's campus.

1. McKeldin Mall

McKeldin Mall in beautiful, especially during the summer and fall. My favorite place to sit is on the pillars above the grass. It's perfect because it gives a view of the mall and creates a feeling of peace. With that peaceful mind, a lot of inspiration comes to mind. In fact, I wrote my first article there:

2. STAMP's coffee shop (or any on/off campus)

Coffee shops are great because they are usually quiet and I, like many writers often rely on caffeine to get me through the day. I like STAMP's coffee shop since it has a very chill vibe and convenient since it's not too far. However, College Park and UMD campus have a lot of coffee shops, and I recently heard good things about a new coffee shop that just opened up on Baltimore Ave; called, "Vigilante Coffee " check it out!

3. Hornbake Plaza

This is one of my favorite spots because of the beautiful scenery and it has given me a lot of inspiration due to the view and the hustling of students throughout the day. I also recommend sitting outside the tables of the Hornbake Library as a good writing spot as well.

4. Tawes Plaza

Tawes Plaza is also another good area since it's usually quiet and has beautiful gardens. I always loved Tawes Plaza since it's in between Knight Hall and Tawes Hall which is convenient for my schedule. I also enjoy it because a majority of the time there are other writers outside as well which can create some motivation and inspiration.

5. 5th floor of Mckeldin Library

The 5th floor of Mckeldin Library is a good spot because it's not too quiet but not too loud either. For me, this was a good writing spot because there was a good balance of noise. I like there to be some noise, but some quietness is nice as well. I also like this spot because I have access to some of the librarians which can be helpful in times of research.

Therefore, there are several writing spots that I have yet to discover, and I am excited to explore and find inspiration, creativity with little or no distribution in these iwrting spots.

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