15 Twitter Accounts to Look at When You Need a Boost

15 Twitter Accounts to Look at When You Need a Boost

Disclaimer: Most of these Twitter accounts have something to do with animals. If you have an issue with this, stop reading the article now.


Here is a list of my go to Twitter accounts to make me feel better on a bad day, or to give me a good laugh on a good day. Can you tell I like dogs?

1. peepee the cat | @peepeeplayhouse

Twitter user @peepeeplayhouse

If you can easily ignore grammatical errors for the sake of humor and you love cats, then you'll definitely enjoy this Twitter account. Peepee is a cat who likes to tweet about his day, his feelings, and what his dad does with him.

The best part is that Peepee is the one running the twitter account, so you get his version of events (meaning they're a little skewed in his favor). If you like cats and need a good laugh, check him out @peepeeplayhouse

2. shitty watercolor | @SWatercolor

Twitter user @SWatercolor

Shitty watercolor is run by a guy named Hector Janse van Rensburg, who is an artist based in the UK. His work originally became popular on Reddit, and with his growing success, he expanded his social media presence to both Twitter and Tumblr.

He paints all sorts of things, from his own little comics to portraits of celebrities to scenes in a movie or TV show. The art style is interesting and the content is wholesome, so give him a click @SWatercolor

3. The Golden Ratio | @TheGoldenRatio4

Twitter user @TheGoldenRatio4

This Twitter account follows the lives of five beautiful golden retrievers and their parents (who call themselves GR mom and GR dad). The five girls, known as Maggie, Jasmine, Hopper, Venkman, and Queso are all certified Good Dogs, who love carrots and waffles and long walks by the beach (no, really, they spend a lot of time at the beach).

Each dog has its own separate Twitter account, so you can follow all of them and be overwhelmed with golden cuteness. If you're still not satisfied following all of the Twitter accounts, you can find them on Snapchat under the same name as their Twitter handle @thegoldenratio4

4. john mulaney out of context | @nocontxtmulaney

Twitter user @nocontxtmulaney

To truly appreciate this Twitter account, you must first watch all of John Mulaney's comedy specials on Netflix. Trust me, it's worth it. John Mulaney is a 36-year-old comedian, who spent time writing for Saturday Night Live and has three stand up specials on Netflix (New in Town, The Comeback Kid, and Kid Gorgeous).

He also is the voice of Andrew from Big Mouth and Peter Porker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The Twitter account "John Mulaney out of context" posts various images pulled straight from any sort of media he has been involved in (other than animated media). Even if you don't know who John Mulaney is, you'll still get a chuckle when you see a tall, awkward man saying "Bill Clinton is about 13 feet tall" or "you need to keep looking like a hard-boiled egg". Give 'em a follow @nocontxtmulaney

5. Hedgehog of the Day | @daily__hedgehog

Twitter user @daily__hedgehog

Okay, who doesn't love hedgehogs? This spiky creatures are extremely cute, quirky, and look hilariously adorable when placed inside an ice cream cone. This account posts a picture of a hedgehog every day, sometimes accompanied by other animals.

There are all sorts of cute poses, outfits, and facial expressions featured on this account, which is sure to make you smile on even the worst days. So, if you need a daily dose of these cute little creatures, follow @daily__hedgehog (note: the @ has TWO underscores between daily and hedgehog)

6. WeRateDogs™ | @dog_rates

Twitter user @dog_rates

This account is run by a professional dog rater. You might think, what gives him the power to rate dogs? Shouldn't all dogs have the perfect rating, since all dogs are perfect?

The answer is yes, which is why every dog gets a rate of at least 11/10 (the average is about 13/10). These rates can go up based on how old the dog is, whether or not they are a service dog, and how amusing the picture is. WeRateDogs™ also posts about dogs who are in need of some financial help due to medical issues and attaches their GoFundMe to the post. On more than one occasion, the goals have been met within hours! It is a great account dedicated to only the best dogs (aka every dog). If you have a dog you want to submit, you can send a picture to their DMs @dog_rates

7. Cats on glass | @itscatsonglass

Twitter user @itscatsonglass

The name explains it all. This twitter account is just a compilation of cats laying on glass. The best part is that the pictures are taken from underneath, so you can see their fluffy bodies all smushed against the glass.

This is especially cute when their paws are tucked underneath their bodies and you can see their little toe pads. Any account that features cats is a good account, so why not follow this one? @itscatsonglass

8. A Bear | @A_single_bear

Twitter user @A_single_bear

At first, I only followed this account because our school's mascot is a bear, but I will continue to follow it long after I graduate for the good, wholesome content. This account follows the life of a bear living in a forest.

Sometimes the posts are witty, other times there are questions that are most certainly on the minds of every bear around ("why can't I smell the inside of my own mouth?"). Either way, these feel-good tweets put a smile on my face every time I see them come up on my timeline, and I'm sure they'll make you smile too. Give this lovely bear a follow @A_single_bear

9. Respectful Memes | @RespectfulMemes

Twitter user @RespectfulMemes

As their bio says, it is "#1 Source of Memes to show your Grandma!" Basically, this account takes popular memes and makes them wholesome. Common themes on this account include: loving your friends, loving yourself, dogs, believing in yourself, being supportive of everyone, and any other good thing you can think of. If you're stressed from school or work, feeling depressed, or just want to smile, check out @RespectfulMemes

10. I've Pet That Dog | @IvePetThatDog

Twitter user @IvePetThatDog

I can honestly say that this is my favorite account on Twitter (yes, I do get notifications when he posts, I'm that dedicated). It follows 10-year-old Gideon on his quest to pet as many dogs as he possibly can.

Each post includes a different dog that he has pet, and a description of their life and personality. Every once in a while, he will give us an update on how many dogs he has pet; the most recent update was January 31st when Gideon reached a staggering 750 dogs!

One of the best parts of this account is that Gideon takes time to go to his local animal shelter and post about all the great dogs that are up for adoption. Oftentimes, dogs will get adopted soon after his posts, and he gives his followers updates on how they found their forever home. Gideon is so dedicated that he even has a shirt that says "Can I pet your dog?" that he wears when he goes for walks around town. I'm still trying to figure out how to get that shirt… follow him at @IvePetThatDog

11. Thoughts of Dog | @dog_feelings

Twitter user @dog_feelings

Similar to @peepeeplayhouse, this account is run by a dog and includes all of their thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes they will talk about their "stuffed friend" named Sebastian and the love they have for their human. Their day is filled with good thoughts, lots of fun, and friendly interactions with strangers and humans they know.

Many times, their tweets uplift you when you're sad, just as any dog would want to do. Even if you don't have a dog of your own to relate back to this account, it is nice to receive a daily dose of unconditional love. Give this dog a follow @dog_feelings

12. mulaney bot | @johnmulaneybot

Twitter user @johnmulaneybot

Yes, this is another twitter account that is geared toward fans of John Mulaney. However, this account is a bot that takes all of the words and phrases from John Mulaney's stand up acts and organizes them into random tweets. They only make sense about half the time, but either way, they'll make you laugh. Also, the heading is a picture of his dog Petunia, so you should definitely check it out. At least for the dog. @johnmulaneybot

13. Chris Evans as Golden Retrievers | @retrievans

Twitter user @retrievans

The title says it all. This account takes pictures of Chris Evans and matches it with a picture of a golden retriever that is in a similar pose. That's it, that's the whole account. I haven't seen a single Captain America movie and I love this account. Who is cuter, the dogs or the man? That's up for you to decide. @retrievans

14. Teddy | @MrTeddyTedster

Twitter user @MrTeddyTedster

What makes this account stand out is the various outfits and outrageous backgrounds that accompany this extremely happy puppy. You can find Teddy in all sorts of costumes, all with his tongue sticking part way out of his mouth. This dog is small, cute, fluffy, and very clearly has unconditional love for his owner. Along with the fun pictures and costumes, there are various videos of him hanging out and doing normal dog stuff (including conquering the stairs for the first time). Follow Teddy @MrTeddyTedster

15. Missouri State | @MissouriState

Twitter user @MissouriState

Okay, this one is geared toward all the people who are considering going to Missouri State or decided not to go to Missouri State even though it is clearly the best choice.

Our verified Twitter account posts all of the normal stuff you'd find on a university Twitter page, but it also roasts people, helps students find parking spots, and cracks some good dad jokes. It is this Twitter account that helped me understand how much Missouri State University actually cares about its students, and wants them to have fun while attending school here. If you're thinking about going to MSU at any point in your life, do it! You won't regret it.

Go Bears! @MissouriState

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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Is Technology Helping Or Hurting Introverts? There's Some Debate With 3 Pros And 3 Cons

While telecommuting delights most introverts, the temptation to do more work and impress supervisors can lead some to feel permanently on the time clock.


If you're an introvert like me, you probably revel in the ability to work and communicate in our modern world without needing to leave the house or even put on pants.

However, some experts feel that our technological ability to reach others without speaking a word makes IRL interactions even more stressful for the bookworm set.

Technology does provide many useful advantages. It allows those in the workforce to skip the morning commute, reducing carbon emissions, it opens up new educational opportunities and it even promotes discourse between relative strangers on opposite sides of the world.

But can too much of a good thing lead to further isolation and disconnect at work?

Pro 1: Technology lets introverts be heard

Have you ever had a brilliant solution cross your mind while in a meeting but hesitated to share your insight? You're not alone.

Many introverts hesitate to speak up in group settings either out of fear of embarrassment or from struggling to get a word in edgewise around more gregarious peers. Technology permits introverts to share their stroke of genius via email or message as opposed to sharing it verbally

Pro 2: Technology opens creative career doors

In earlier times, success in the creative world meant writing, painting or acting — three fields notoriously difficult to earn a living in unless talent, determination, and serendipity collided perfectly.

However, if you're a creative introvert today, you can find career success in designing web pages, coding apps, and software or producing internet content.

Pro 3: Technology celebrates unique talents

No, you may never knock recruiters' socks off with slick-talking braggadocio, but the right employer will honor your unique abilities nevertheless. Introverts take to deep work like baby ducks to water and easily maintain their attention span when working on tasks that interest them.

Whether your boss needs you to prep a carefully written legal brief or reconcile the company's balance sheet, they'll know you're someone they can count on to do the job right.

Con 1: Technology can contribute to burnout

While telecommuting delights most introverts, the temptation to do more work and impress supervisors can lead some to feel permanently on the time clock. If you work from home, establish a regular schedule just as if you still clocked in and out of the office daily. This helps to preserve work-life balance.

Con 2: Technology can increase social anxiety

While social anxiety is a very real disorder, avoiding contact makes interactions all the more difficult when real life discussions need to occur. Try your best to initiate at least one IRL interaction each day.

No, this won't turn you into an extrovert, but you can improve your conversational skills just like you hone your programming or accounting prowess.

Con 3: Technology can hinder coworker relations

Even extroverts dislike dealing with certain coworkers, but if you gain a reputation for being snooty or stuck-up simply for being quiet and skipping out on after-work gatherings, you can stymie your career progression.

Yes, the office Chatty Cathy may drive you batty, but when promotion time comes around, guess whose name sticks in your manager's mind? You don't need to go to happy hour with the team every single Friday, but making an occasional appearance brands you as shy but a still a team player, not an aloof ice princess.

Finding balance as an Introvert in an extroverted world isn't easy.

If you're an introvert like me, thriving in a talkative world may seem a feat akin to scaling Mt. Everest without the benefit of ropes and Sherpa guides. But plenty of introverts achieve enormous career success and contribute immensely to society with their insight and creativity.

By balancing technology with IRL contact, you can reach your work goals without needed to spend too much time making small talk about the weather.

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