If you love clothes, summer is the perfect time to experiment with a whole new range of fashion... swim wear! There's actually so many ways you can branch out and accessorize, but the first step is getting inspired by the trends of this season, so here are some of my favorite trends that will be spotted at beaches and pools alike.

1. The High Cut Bottoms


This style of suit is super 90s-esque, which is why I am obsessed with it! The way this suit fits can complement any body type so well and its very nostalgic, perfect for a summer of fun beach/pool days!

2. The Bandeau (but with minimalistic straps)


I'll be the first to say I hate regular bandeaus, because forget about not flashing anyone at the pool! That suit will fall down in .02 seconds if you're not careful. But a cute ribbed bandeau with some cute spaghetti straps looks super cute and doesn't risk so much slippage.

3. The Animal Print Suit


I'll admit, I used to hate animal print with a burning passion. And I probably will again one the snake skin/leopard print gets over done and fades out of online trend stores. But for now, if done tastefully, animal patters can be very chic.

4. The Safety Buckle Suits


This lifeguard-esque trend is the best! The big chunky buckle really adds to the look by playing off of the athleisure trend. Very casual, but super cool.

5. The Hoop Suit


The trend of having hoops on bathing suits has risen risen from its early 2000s grave, and is back and better than ever.

6. The One Shoulder


One shoulder suits are also making a comeback and are more flattering than before. The asymmetry of its design is very high fashion!

7. The Reimagined Rash Guard

Fashion Palette Miami Australian Swim Show SS19: VDM the Label, TJ Swim, Aqua Blu, Lil & Emm - Runway - Paraiso Fashion Fair

Rash guards were originally for sun and rash protection, but why not be safe and stylish? With this summer trend you can be! (Zippers are bonus style points for this style of suit!)

8. The Spaghetti Strap Suit


First I was spaghetti strap tanks, now its suits. The tiny little strap adds support and makes the look very delicate and feminine.

So now go out, get some sun and sand, and sport your new poolside looks with confidence!