I was born with Atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema.

For those who don't what eczema is, it's when your skin is unable to retain moisture. Symptoms are red rashes, dry skin, thicken skin, raised skin, and itchiness (there's more but you get it). A lot of babies have it but eventually grow out of eczema. However, I never did.

I have chronic eczema, meaning it's going to last FOREVER. There isn't a cure, just medication and it happens periodically, seasonally or just straight up random. There are so many things I can 't do because of my skin condition but I never allowed it to hold me back.

Growing up with weird skin was hard. I grew up very self-conscience and I still am. Catch me on the beach in Santa Monica with long sleeves and jeans because I can't be exposed to the sun for too long or I'll flare up. I also invite you to watch my skin turn red after I eat a carton of ice-cream. Nothing really bothered me at all except when others pointed it out. Here are a few things I'm tired of hearing:

1. "Is it contagious?"


No, bro. It's not contagious if it was I'm sure I would have been locked in and quarantined or everyone would have contracted it by now.

2. "Why don't you just stop itching it?"


What do you think I've been doing for the past 23 years of my life -- I've mastered the art of not itching. Just kidding I itch in my sleep...

3. "You look like a snake."


Thanks for the reminder. It's not like I'm reminded every day in the mirror when I wake up.

4. "Your skin is so dry."


Surprisingly I got that most from my doctors. No shit, Sherlock.

5. "Have you tried ______? "


Ok, this one I'm not as annoyed of. I'm just annoyed that the things people tell me to do are so textbook basic eczema cures. Do you think I really haven't tried everything yet? I tried and failed.

6. "Maybe it's a phase."


I hope you're a phase.

7. "Did you get burned?" 


From going to Hell and back? Then, yes.

8. "Just ignore it."



9. " Why don't you moisturize more often?" 


Yeah because using the whole bottle of lotion in 24 hours doesn't prove to you enough that that is all I do with my day.

10. "What's wrong with your face?"


First off, what kind of a question is that? Secondly, I'm too goddamn gorgeous, that's what's wrong!

Please just leave my skin alone.