10 Thoughts Every College Student Has When People Start Talking About Break

The idea of spring break as I child used to bring fond memories of picnics in the park and the days leading up to break where usually filled with some sort of fun school activities. But now you are here, knee deep of who knows what week of the term and before you can feel the sun burn glowing on your face you must survive the rest of the term...and going back home. Maybe we will take that Egg Nog early please.

1. Wait, I only have HOW many more days to study for that exam


How does ten weeks turn into five days that quickly? Wishing you were back in midterm seasons so at least you had a chance to redeem yourself after a bad grade, instead of this being your last chance.

2. Can I go another fews weeks without doing laundry?


Thinking about all the coins you could save by not having to do laundry for a whole month. Thanks parents for the home laundry and dryer unit. And frabic softner....oh how we missed the frabic softner.

3. Sh*t, I need to start not cussing


Having to retrain yourself how to talk like a decent human.

4. How much can I stretch out grocery shopping


Looking up as many leftover recipes you can to avoid going to the store while studying and saving every extra penny you can.

5. Home cook meals, I repeat HOME COOK MEALS


Whether your mom or dad is the chief in the house, you can always look forward to coming home to warm, non-expired food that did not have "5 min in the microwave" written on the package.

6. So, are we going to keep things up after break or....


Thanks Tinder for introducing us to people. Now can you help us through the awkward conversation of where this is going to go over break.

7. I really need to buy a plane ticket


Why does every college student and every vacation has to be at the same time traveling. And why can't airlines just give us a break at their prices.

8. I'm not ready for this term to end and by me I mean my grades


Nope, no please. I need another few more weeks to try and bring up my grades.

9. So dude, when my mom picks us up be chill


So Fam, if my mom ask what we do on friday nights tell her we hang out and study at the cafe on campus. And no, she doesn't know about the tattoo.

10. Shoot, weren't we supposed to have that one book finished by week 10


*pulls dusty book that you bought week 1 off the book shelf*

Well, guess late is better then never. Lets be honest, we all had that moment back in week 1 where we thought "Oh 10 weeks to do this project, what a breeze" until it is 9 weeks later and you are doing and an all nighter trying to get it done.

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