The 26 Best Things About New Jersey

Here is a list of what I think are the Best things to do in New Jersey that start with every letter of the alphabet. These are my opinions as a lifetime Jersey Girl.

1. Atlantic City 

No surprise that a beach location makes the list. This city is full of casinos, hotels, restaurants, surf shops, and sand. The boardwalk in Atlantic City has been regarded as one of the top boardwalks in the entire state and is home to attractions for every age.

2. Barnegat Bay Lighthouse 

Located in LBI this lighthouse gives anyone who climbs scenic views of the ocean and sandbars of Barnegat Bay. The climb is enjoyable, but is also also is near a walking location if the climb is not for you.

3. Camden's Adventure Aquarium

While the location is not optimal, this place is amazing. There are tons of aquatic animals and even Hippos. This place also does not house any whales thus it is well regarded in terms of animal rights.

4. Delicious Orchards

New Jersey isn't called the Garden State for nothing this amazing orchard provides the opportunity to pick pumpkins, apples, peaches, Cantaloupe and watermelon depending on the season. Overall it is a fun stop to make while in the Garden State

5. Empty Sky - 9/11 Memorial

In Jersey City with the skyline of New York City in the Back, this monument remembers the individuals who lost their life on September 11, 2001. This somber memorial is a great way to pay tribute to those individuals.

6. Freehold Raceway

This track is a fun opportunity for the whole family. Pony rides and horse races there is fun for all ages.

7. Grounds for Sculpture

This place is beautiful and provides many eating spots for all ages. This outdoor space features art of all kinds spanning over 40 acres.

8. Hoboken 

The New York City of New Jersey is home to iconic places like Carlo's Bakery. It is a great place to be a tourist

9. Island Beach State Park

These miles of wildlife preserve are tremendous. The park provide tours and opportunities to see the raw beauty of New Jersey.

10. Jersey Shore

Its not all fist bumps like some might think. anywhere on the Shore is a good place to spend any summer day or walk on during the off seasons.

11. Kohrs

This custard is a New Jersey staple. At nearly every boardwalk this frozen custard is a must. I recommend the Orange and Vanilla Swirl.

12. Long Beach Island 

The Pride of the Jersey shore this island is truly a beach town that has greatly recovered after Hurricane Sandy destroyed most of it. Any stop on the island is bound to be delicious and any beach is beautiful.

13. Morven Museum and Gardens

Located in Princeton this Museum is in the home of the Previous Governor's mansion and is home to really cool exhibits and a beautiful garden outside.

14. New Jersey Performing Arts Center

This stage provides audiences with comedy shows and family shows like Sesame Place Live and is a great stop. The variety of the shows also makes it a reoccurring place to visit with each new show coming.

15. Ocean City 

This is probably one of the best vacation spots in all of New Jersey with hotels and private renters everywhere. This beach also has a beautiful boardwalk.

16. Princeton

This entire town is beautiful. The University's campus is beautiful. There is so much to do and so much to see for anyone any age.

17. Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast 

In Cape May this B&B is a historic and quaint place to stay while exploring the ultimate beach town.

18. Roosevelt 

This planned Utopia as park of the New Deal would fail but lead to artists moving in and creating a beautiful town with a rather interesting history.

19. Six Flags

This amusement Park is a good stop for the thrill seeker especially since it is home to some record holding roller coasters like Kingda Ka and El Toro.

20.Thomas Sweets

Located in Princeton and in Fantasy Island this ice cream place is one of the best with so many options. I would recommend customizing a blend-in.

21. U.S.S. New Jersey (Battleship of New Jersey)

This icon piece for the state is a testament to the great history of the Garden State and the United States in general. It also provides a lot of different options in terms of being interactive.

22. Vernon 

This is the top ski town in NJ. This town is also a great place to walk during the off season since it has many trails.

23. Wawa

Okay I know this isn't a strictly New Jersey thing and some people think its overrated, but you have to judge for yourself stop by a Wawa sometime.

24. Xanadu 

Now known as the American Dream, this complex houses a mall and an amusement park.

25. Yogi Berra Museum 

This Baseball All Star called NJ his home for several decades and it is now home to museum dedicated to him and his accomplishments on and off the baseball diamond.

26. Zimmerli Art Museum 

Admissions to this Rutgers University Art museum is free, The museum is also home to over 60,000 works of all different origins and styles.

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