11 Best Subway Sandwiches According To A Sandwich Artist
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11 Best Subway Sandwiches According To Yours Truly, A Sandwich Artist Of Three Years

Did your favorite make the list?

11 Best Subway Sandwiches According To Yours Truly, A Sandwich Artist Of Three Years

For the past three years on-and-off, I have been a sandwich artist for Subway. It is an amazing job and needless to say, I've learned a lot about sandwiches, and let's just say not all sandwiches are equal. So in my opinion, here are the top 11 Subway sandwiches in no particular order.

1. Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt

The Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt is a Subway classic; with chicken strips, crispy bacon, and creamy ranch it offers it all in the same package. Fun Fact: every Chicken Bacon Ranch comes with double cheese for free.
Flavor Suggestion: instead of ranch, spice things up with some chipotle southwest sauce.

2. Subway Club

The Subway is piled high with roast beef, turkey, and ham, which provides a wonderful comfort food feeling with a healthy option.
Flavor Suggestion: Try the Subway Club with extra jalapenos or Subway's creamy Sriracha sauce for some extra heat to back up the great flavors.

3. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

This popular sandwich is a customer favorite, I have made plenty of these as my time as a sandwich artist, and everyone who tries it loves it. The flavors of the sweet onion and the teriyaki sauce blend perfectly together.
Flavor Suggestion: Get extra extra veggies. The crispness of tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickles will provide a great contrast compared the the flavorful chicken.

4. Carved Turkey and Bacon

Get prepared for Thanksgiving any time of the year. Subway's carved turkey taste just like that. The thick slices of turkey will remind anyone of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, and once you add the bacon you have a winner.
Flavor Suggestion: Round out the great turkey by adding guacamole; the creaminess just adds so much to the flavor profile.

5. Subway Melt

This original classic plays to everyone's idea of a sub. Turkey, ham, and bacon pile high to provide a wonderful experience.
Flavor Suggestion: Keep it simple--don't drown out the meat with sauces and cheese.

6. Meatball Marinara

This messy eat will leave you reaching for a fork and knife.
Flavor Suggestion: Add extra Parmesan.

7. BMT

Pepperoni, salami, and ham make for a great Italian-type profile.
Flavor Suggestion: add extra bell pepper and olives to really round out an Italian type sub.

8.Black Forest Ham

With the ham being one of Subway's healthiest options, it makes for a fresh clean palette.
Flavor Suggestion: Get no cheese and focus on the veggies. The overall freshness will leave you feeling refreshed.

9. Spicy Italian

Italian flavors for the win! Get the most meat for your buck with 20 slices of meat on a footlong; it will leave you full and satisfied.
Flavor Suggestion: Use provolone and parmesan cheese!

10. Steak and Cheese

Another fan favorite with lots of meat and lots of flavor.
Flavor Suggestion: Get onions and bell peppers toasted with your meat.

11. The Feast

To round out the list, here is a secret menu option. Roast beef, turkey, ham, pepperoni, and salami make for the ultimate meat lovers' dream on a sandwich.
Flavor Suggestion: Get double cheese. Yum.

Hope you enjoy this list!!! Go to your local Subway and try something new!

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