The Best Sheldon Cooper Moments

The Best Sheldon Cooper Moments

Best episodes and moments from The Big Bang Theory.

The Best Sheldon Cooper Moments

The Big Bang Theory is a CBS sitcom that takes place in Pasadena, California. The show was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and is directed by Mark Cendrowski. The Big Bang Theory premiered on September 24, 2007. Its latest season, season ten, is scheduled to premiere September 19, 2016.

I have put together some of the best episodes from the past seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

Season 1 Episode 6: The Middle Earth Paradigm

It is Halloween for the crew and Penny is throwing a party. As Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj fail to discuss their costume ideas with each other ahead of time, they end up wearing identical costumes; the Flash. Each of them must change their costume idea. Their new costumes are not far behind from their nerdy side. Leonard is dressed up as Frodo, Howard as Robin Hood, and Raj as Norse god Thor. Sheldon dresses up in a black and white striped outfit. In his mind he is representing the Doppler Effect, but in the minds of Penny’s guests, they think he is supposed to be a zebra. Throughout the entire party, Sheldon must explain the concept of his costume.

Season 2 Episode 5: The Euclid Alternative

Sheldon’s friends are getting annoyed with having to drive him from place to place, whether it be to work or the Comic Book Store. One day, Sheldon enters the living room to find the gang setting up an intervention. Each of them want Sheldon to go down to the DMV to take his permit test. Once Sheldon’s test is placed in his hands he begins to explain to the clerk, using his high IQ, mathematics, and physics skills, on why each question can not be properly answered. Annoyed with Sheldon’s explanations, the clerk passes him. Back at the apartment, Howard sets Sheldon up with a driving simulator so he can get an idea of what it is really like to drive in real life. In the end, Sheldon concludes that he is “clearly too evolved for driving.”

Season 3 Episode 10: The Gorilla Experiment

In this episode, Sheldon becomes a teacher. When Penny comes over to Sheldon’s apartment she is interested in learning some physics so she can understand more about Leonard’s job. Sheldon agrees to teach her and takes his task very seriously. He lends Penny a notebook, telling her to take notes. Sheldon must start at the beginning of how physics began instead of just jumping in. He lectures about Ancient Greece, where people would glance up at the night sky and see the stars, noticing how they moved. As Sheldon continues teaching, Penny starts crying because she does not understand anything. Sheldon, not always the sharpest with social protocol, tries his best to comfort her.

Season 4 Episode 2: The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

Sheldon, using science and math, calculates his life expectancy. When he realizes he will not live long enough to where man will be able to transfer their consciousness into machines and achieve immortality. From there, Sheldon decides to eat nothing but Brussel sprouts. He soon finds his stomach not too happy with such eating habits. He then constructs a robot of himself that he calls a Mobile Virtual Presence Device. The point of this robot is so he can still get around from place to place, including work, but he will not have to leave his bedroom, therefore risking his life. Just when Sheldon believes he really can live like this, it is then at the Cheesecake factory he notices Steve Wozniak sitting at a nearby table. When Steve offers to sign Sheldon’s Apple ll computer, Sheldon finally leaves his bedroom to head down to the restaurant. He does not make it far however, and manages to fall down the apartment steps. Sheldon then goes back to relying on his robot for everything.

Season 5 Episode 2: The Infestation Hypothesis

Sheldon stays at Penny’s apartment for a few hours while Leonard Skypes with Raj’s sister, Priya. Sheldon gives Penny a compliment on her new armchair. It is then that Penny admits where she purchased, or managed to find, the chair. She came across it on a curb, paying a homeless guy some bucks to bring it up to her apartment. Sheldon freaks out about this piece of news, insisting he must take a shower as he feels filthy after sitting in that chair. Later, Sheldon returns to the apartment, giving the armchair another chance. Penny tells Sheldon that she did have the chair cleaned and it was finally safe to sit on. Sheldon takes a seat on the chair, flicking an insect off of his arm. Then, dozens and dozens of bugs begin crawling all over the chair and himself, swallowing his body. Suddenly, Sheldon jumps up, snapping out of his dream. Sheldon’s next task is to get Penny to remove the chair from her apartment as he is still uncomfortable. Sheldon relies on girlfriend Amy to take care of it. When Amy takes a seat on the armchair, she finds a bug biting her. Freaked out, Penny removes the chair from her apartment at last. At the end of the episode, the chair is seen sitting back on the curb. Howard and Raj walk by the chair, unaware of the panic attack it gave Sheldon, and pick it up to take it inside the apartment building. Howard and Raj are confused as to why someone would want to get rid of such a nice chair. As the chair makes its way into the building, some kind of small rodent is seen moving underneath the fabric of the chair.

Season 6 Episode 15: The Spoiler Alert Segmentation

In this episode, an argument erupts between Sheldon and Leonard. Sheldon ends up letting a spoiler slip about what happens in the sixth Harry Potter book. An annoyed Leonard argues that he would never share a spoiler with Sheldon especially knowing that Sheldon would never let it go. As they continue to argue, Leonard concludes that he hates his current living situation, throwing the Roommate Agreement into the trashcan. Leonard leaves the apartment, heading over to Penny’s. To Penny he complains about Sheldon. With Leonard out of Sheldon’s apartment, Amy helps Sheldon pack up all of Leonard’s belongings. Amy even hints at the possibility of moving in with Sheldon. While Amy loves her idea, Sheldon is not on board. Sheldon is now wanting Leonard to return home. The truth eventually comes out that Penny does not want to live with Leonard and that Sheldon is against living with Amy. At last, Leonard does return home.

Season 7 Episode 16: The Table Polarization

The whole gang is enjoying take-out food in Sheldon’s living room. As Sheldon does not have enough chairs in the living room, one guest must always sit on the floor. That guest is usually Raj. In this episode, Penny ends up eating on the floor. Bernadette then brings up the question, if they have ever thought about buying a dining room table and placing it by the window. Raj comments, “Oh sure, I sit on the floor for years, no one cares. The pretty white girl’s there ten seconds, and suddenly we’re all running to IKEA.” Sheldon immediately objects to the idea of a dining room table, not wanting to change the location in which they have always eaten dinner. Leonard and Penny take a trip in search of a dining room table. When they select a table that they like, they purchase it, and the gang, minus Sheldon and Amy, gather around the table to eat. Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, and Bernadette feel bad that Sheldon and Amy are eating alone. They finally give in and rejoin them on the couch like they always have. Sheldon is then very satisfied with himself because he ended up getting what he wanted.

Season 8 Episode 6:

During dinner, Bernadette sparks conversation about how Sheldon’s work in Dark Matter is going. Sheldon explains how exciting it is since he is the one working on it. Raj tells Sheldon that the government is funding the field of Dark Matter by sending groups into a salt mine in order to conduct research and experiments. Raj suggests that they should both apply as they could discover something huge. The next day at the office, Raj meets Sheldon in his office where they go over what the conditions would be like underground. Unsure of whether or not they could handle it, he and Raj decide to test their abilities inside a basement underneath the university’s steam locomotive pipe tunnels. Sheldon is beginning to feel quite claustrophobic. In order to help get his mind off of it, he starts to sing a song that all miners tend to sing. The song turns out to be depressing and sad which worries Raj. Raj then converts the conversation to Miley Cyrus even though Sheldon is clueless about who that is. Raj continues to explain Hannah Montana to him. Sheldon is confused as to how one’s wig can really hide someone’s alter ego. Amy, who was checking in on them from above, calls down to see if they need anything. Sheldon begins listing off a few things, including a few seasons of Hannah Montana. While Sheldon’s claustrophobia is worsening, it was the rats appearing behind Raj’s head that set him off as he climbs up the ladder to normal ground, revealing to Amy it is too late for Raj.

Interesting Facts About The Big Bang Theory Show

1. While Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny all live in the same apartment building, they are often seen walking up and down several flights of stairs. The secret is, is that there is only one staircase. The staircase is reset after each scene to make it appear as if they are walking up more than one staircase.

2. There are actual scientists on set with The Big Bang Theory cast. The point of having them there is to make sure that each science reference and joke is correct and that all the information that is discussed is accurate. The white boards that are placed around Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment have real equations scrawled across them.

3. Mayim Bialik plays a scientist in the show but she fully understands her character as she has received a doctorate in neuroscience in real life. Her character also plays the harp which she already knew how to play. Jim Parsons can play the theremin, similar to his character, Sheldon.

4. The name of the show was not always planned to be The Big Bang Theory. Chuck Lorre came up with the name, Bill Prady not totally in love with the name. Bill Prady now loves the name of the show after seeing its success. Originally, the name of the show was going to be Tragic Mistake, as Penny would change the gangs lives forever, especially Leonard’s.

5. In the show, Bernadette has a very high pitched voice. In reality, her voice is more deeper. Melissa Rauch changed the pitch of her voice to better fit the character of Bernadette.

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