10 Lyric Lines That Are So Poetic, They'll Make Your Heart Melt

10 Lyric Lines That Are So Poetic, They'll Make Your Heart Melt

From Ella Fitzgerald to Tyler, The Creator.

Jorja Smith / YouTube

1. Jorja Smith, "On My Mind"

“Nothing's sweet about my misery.”

This one means exactly what it is: Don't mess with my pain and angst 'cause it's not funny. This line reminds me of when people on social media think its cool to encourage sadness and negativity. How about you follow some wholesome memes and listen to Jorja Smith’s beautifully pure voice.

2. Goldfish, "Get Busy Living"

“Don't you want to use what you've been given. I don't want to live like I've already lived. But I do want to get busy living."

I feel like a lot of people in college should put this song to its use. The song is upbeat and a great motivation to be your absolute best. Remember why you're all here. Listen to that cool piano riff at the beginning and go check out the music video because its mad dope (aka GOOD).

3. Hail The Sun, "1109"

“I lived in a house whose porch collected cigarettes and everyone I’d smoke held conversations.”

I can imagine reading this in the opening of a poem, and it really pulled me into listening to more Hail The Sun music. It's a great opener to their newest EP, and shows how greater whenever they release something new. I'm really sad they didn't play this at their show with Circa Survive in Providence, but were so great and surreal to see live.

4. The Mars Volta, "L’Via L'Viaquez"

“Blackmailed, she fell off every mountain
The ones they tightly wrapped in tape
In her eraser sang the guilty. As it made the best mistakes.”

This part of the song is one of the greatest twists you'll ever hear. The majority of the song is in Spanish, but this bridge in the song goes opposite from their regular genre. The whole song is really a twist from what people expect for each genre of music.

5. Panic! At The Disco, "Northern Downpour"

“Through playful lips made of yarn, that fragile Capricorn... Unraveled words like moths upon old scarves.”

Hands down my favorite Panic! song. "Northern Downpour" is pure poetry. Music is poetry, and this song will not tell you otherwise.

6. Mew, "Symmetry"

“But ironically you will always be
Belle of the ball at least to me.”

This line is wonderful to sing along too, and the lyrics talk about making others responsible for your happiness and the outcome that comes with it. It's quite a beautiful and touching song.

7. Ella Fitzgerald, "What Will I Tell My Heart"

“I'll tell them you'll soon be back dear
But what will I tell my heart?”

I heard this song off a vinyl I bought on campus by a record vendor. There were three vinyl discs inside a thick box and were all part of Ella Fitzgerald's recordings in France. I immediately caught this line, and it was the most heartbreaking thing to hear. Ella seems more distraught with the idea of telling her heart the truth than the people she has surrounded her self with. The line haunts the audience with such sorrow and delight that it makes me want to cry.

8. Tyler, The Creator, "Bastard"

“This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep.. Some food for thought some food for death, go head and f'in eat
My father's dead well I don't know, we'll never fuckin' meet.”

This is the mixtape that first brought us Tyler, The Creator. Way beyond his other known albums such as "Goblin" and "Cherry Bomb," Tyler wrote "Bastard," and where his legacy began. The concept of the album is quite genius and heavy with meaning. It's Tyler talking with a therapist throughout the song, and this intro is Tyler unwinding in the first song. Get ready for it because it hits hard.

9. The Smiths, "Still Ill"

“Under the iron bridge we kissed.. And although I ended up with sore lips it just wasn’t like the old days anymore.”

People have predicted the song being about homosexuality and mental illness. The song deals with depression and owing a life to a certain individual. It can easily be connected with homosexuality being an illness and this particular line is a realization to being actually depressed regardless of what the reason is. The Smiths either make me really sad or really happy, and they are one of the greatest bands to live.

10. Hiatus Kaiyote, "Nakamarra"

“Nakamarra, sweet red earth with hold you like the strength you bless. True we engage humility, watch me struggle with your words however truthful they may be.”

This is the grooviest vibe you're gonna get, and in fact, was the first inspiration for my band regarding the type of music we wanted to make. Our first band name was Nakamarra, and because of that this song will always mean the world to me. A part from that, the song brings soul along with its funky synth melodies and great lyrics like these.

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