12 Places I Miss In My College Town Of Lexington, Kentucky
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The 12 Places I Miss Most In My College Town Of Lexington, Kentucky

I am enjoying my sweet small town and family, but sometimes ya girl needs a healthy dose of the 859.

The 12 Places I Miss Most In My College Town Of Lexington, Kentucky

When the announcement came that I would be suddenly moving back to WKY and leaving all things Lex, the shock was immense. It felt like my entire life was in that city with my friends and even mild acquaintances, so I didn't really know what the future would even look like.

Lucky for me, I had a loving home to return to, but now that the shock of the move has worn away, I am missing more than just my amazing people and communities — I am missing specific places.

You know those places that give you an immediate sense of calm? Or the ones that instantly make you excited when you turn onto the road? Or maybe the place you go to with your friends for good/bad/juicy news?


I am a strict routine advocate, so not having my go to places is honestly just annoying. I am thankful to be healthy and safe and surrounded by family extra, but sometimes I just want my favorite pizza slice or even to sit in my favorite coffee shop and read a good book.

I want to go to my friends' house to watch the bachelor, and for heaven's sakes I want to walk the steps of 476 Rose Street. So here's my list, read it and weep (I did).

P.S. — If you for some reason are feeling the need to take this as an avenue to stalk my habits, please don't. I'm already paranoid from watching too much Criminal Minds, so don't pull a Joe on me, thx.



Listen y'all, I love this gym. When I cheered in high school, my coach would always tell us that once our feet hit the mat at practices, the rest of the world could be on pause for those two hours.

So when I had stuff going on in my life that was less than pleasant, that escape was the most refreshing thing on the planet. During my first year of college, I yearned for that same healthy mental escape. Then my cousin Caroline (hey ily) took me to Bodyfit, where I kick boxed and did boot camp type of deals and the occasional yoga class.

The teachers (Heather's my fav, I'm not sorry) really encourage you. The music is great, the community is great, and the workout is great. I am ready to put my gloves on and sweat my worries away again.



Kickboxing is a way I balance out this one. Goodfellas pizza slices are the size of your face (probably bigger) and their breadsticks are stupidly long.

The people have the best vibes, and they have those chill lightbulbs hanging outside that level up the whole building. I have never had a trip to Goodfellas that did not also involve great conversations. I want this pizza, and I want it now.

My Old Room with Briley Sharing A Wall


Listen this one is a little sad, but it had to make my list. I miss my perfect light pink and cream bedroom. I miss being able to have conversations with Briley with the door open.

I miss sitting on the couch together and binge-watching shows to calm ourselves down before bed. I miss the wait for the elevator and the walks to Whitehall. I miss this thing that no longer exists, but I'm keeping it up in my head.

It was such a safe space, and I just want to lay on my perfectly made bed with Briley ranting in my doorway one more time.

476 Rose Street


The importance that ADPi hold in my life is a whole different conversation, but I'm gonna just add in this sweet house because it is a safe place for me. I miss sitting quietly in the middle of three different conversations on the purple couch. I miss standing in line before Monday dinners.

I miss walking up the steps and being so proud to be a part of something so incredible. I miss dancing in and out of the door even on a bad day. I miss sneaking down to the basement and laying across a couch that is older than I am in the comfy silence between my classes when I just want a break from everyone and everything.

I even miss Eugenia's face staring at me when I'm telling secrets that I never intended to keep (iykyk).

Coffee Times


There are so many coffee shops in Lex that I absolutely adore, but this one is the one I am craving right now. This coffee shop simply has good vibes.

The smell is irreplaceable, the people are more diverse than on campus, and their chicken salad sandwich can cure any writing block. I just want to sit in the tables near the back and read a good book between my less than subtle people watching.

Willie T


LISTEN! I want to sit in my favorite spot and get stuff done. I want to stay up late studying and pushing more information through my brain than I ever thought possible.

I want study dates and Starbucks breaks and the knowing glances when an obnoxious group is sitting too close. In fact, I want to even take a turn being in the obnoxious group.

I want to awkwardly run past exes and get almost stuck in the freaky elevator and have a mental breakdown or two (lol do we have those after this is over or are we too tough now ope). I want to look at all the full tables and be annoyed rather than scared of the germs. I want my Willie T back.

Leandra's House


My little haven. I want to sit with my bestie and talk about everything and go through every mood and just not talk at all. I want to sit on the floor while she plays with my hair and we cry to the same Nicolas Sparks movies we have watched thousands of times.

I want to eat pizza and watch "The Bachelor" crowded on the couches with all my friends while we act like we are doing homework. I want to get ready for date parties and over-analyze boy situations and cry about things that really matter and things that don't.

I want it all (if that didn't make you sing high school musical immediately, you can't come to bachelor night sorry not sorry).

Local Taco


Apparently I love this place even more than I thought because I have thought about a Southern-fried taco more often than I have thought about my crush of the week.

I want the vibes and the tacos and the salsa. I want the seat in the back by the windows and I want to stay there too long and I want to be too full. See u soon local.

All The Roads Downtown


If you haven't driven around with your friends wailing to music at nighttime, you need to get on that asap. Downtown is always cute, but it truly levels-up when the sun goes down.

A good drive through every downtown road has helped all my negative emotions and heightened my positive ones. Some of my best memories are riding shotgun with my arm hanging out the window under the city lights, and I am ready to add to the pile of mems.

Chaney's Apartment


Chaney's apartment is always ridiculously clean and it always smells cozy (she bakes a lot and has a ton of subtle candles). It's navy and cream and I instantly feel better when I walk through the door.

While I am not allowed to wear my shoes past the welcome mat or get a crumb in an unwanted place, I would not change a single thing about this safe spot (except the temp bcuz I prefer it to feel like a freezer box but hey okay I'll let this one go).

Chaney is one of the single most dependable and trustworthy people I know, and somehow her apartment embodies this. I love this place, and once I get to go back, I simply shall not leave.



I freakin' miss going to church and my Sunday routine dog. I love worshiping in a sea of people celebrating Jesus. I love feeling His presence in the rafters. I love being able to listen to Scott simultaneously tell me exactly what I need to hear while low key scaring the heck out of me because of how he constantly teaches what I needed to hear.

I miss walking through the hallway to the kid's ministry and seeing all those sweet kids and all the dads trying to not lose them in the herd. I miss the feeling of Southland and the warm community. I will never be late to service again, in fact I'll be early.

The Press


Over priced juice in a bowl is the most stereotypical sorority girl thing, but the fact that other people do not appreciate this as much is simply a personal problem.


I love the earthy bowls and the colorful juices and the seasonal chalk boards. I want to walk across the street and sneak a seat as soon as someone hops up and talk to my friends while ungracefully eating every last drop of that smoothie bowl. I don't just want acai, I want acai from The Press (it really does taste different).

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