Almond croissants are truly one of the greatest things to walk the earth since us landing on the moon. Although they are quite unhealthy and definitely have no nutritious value a treat once in a while is perfectly okay! Wherever I go I always enjoy an almond croissant, no matter where I am or what I'm thinking of getting.

For some reason, I always resort to an almond croissant. I am on a mission to find the most delicious croissant and have not yet found it! Although below a are 10 great places to try an almond croissant! Be sure to also try some of their other delectable treats!

1. Starbucks (anywhere lol)

Very surprising, I know but just give me a chance and try one! They

2. PAUL bakery (Natick, MA, mainly in Europe but they have some in the U.S)

It may even taste better in Europe! Adds to the vibe of it all! These are so delicious and fresh and will make your mouth water!

3. Orwasher's (Upper East Side, NYC)

Definitely worth the trip, even for just one almond croissant!

4. Modern Pastry (Boston, MA)

I may be biased but I was raised on these croissants but they will not disappoint. If you are craving a cannoli for the extra sweet tooths out there stop by Mikes Pastry across the way.

5. Cafe Nero (Boston,MA but many other locations also)

Their Caprese sandwich is also one of my all time favorites so if you are a fan of that flavor combination be sure to also try that!

6. Raw Ruta Juice Bar (Canton, MA)

This place has the most delicious smoothies and juices but their pastries are just as delectable! They taste so fresh and delicious and are a must try! Their chocolate croissants are also so delicious.

7. Thinking Cup (Boston, MA)

The name is just as cute as the croissants! Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

8. Flour Bakery And Cafe (Boston, MA)

9. Café Madeline (Boston, MA)

10. And Last But Not Least The Blue Frog Bakery (Jamaica Plain, MA)

I hope you enjoy these crossaints as much as I do!