The Most Memorable People's Choice Awards Moments Of All Time (So Far)

The Most Memorable People's Choice Awards Moments Of All Time (So Far)

In anticipation of this year's People's Choice Awards, we're looking back at the best moments of People's Choice past.


The People's Choice Awards have given the public a voice in Hollywood for over 40 years. They're the one and only annual awards show that allows anyone and everyone to vote on the best in all things pop culture. And like all live shows, they've had their share of memorable moments, ranging from sweet and sentimental to awkward and silly.

This year's People's Choice Awards will air on Sunday, November 11 at 9pm EST on E!

In anticipation of the big night, we're looking back at the most memorable People's Choice Awards moments of all time. Swipe through the slideshow below to relive the top 8 moments with us!

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