The 5 Best Parts About Having A Twin That Isn't Really Your Twin
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The 5 Best Parts About Having A Twin That Isn't Really Your Twin

We're the better version of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen!

The 5 Best Parts About Having A Twin That Isn't Really Your Twin
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While my sister and I are pretty close, we're not Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen close.

She's not the kind of sister to come and ask me for advice. She doesn't call me all the time and can even go days without talking to me. Neither does she like sharing her clothes with me, in fact she hates when I take her stuff. But she's still my sister. And we're the better version of the Olsen twins.

We're not your typical twins because we're not actually twins! Since I can remember we've been told we look alot like twin sisters and at times it can get annoying, but also funny at the same time. I'm so thankful for my sister and so this is a little tribute to my other "twin."

1. People automatically assume we're twins without even asking.

Instead of asking "Are you two twins"? it's more like they think they know the answer and are just asking to be polite. I'm always the smart older sister who politely says "No," but there are times I wish I'd played along for a bit. Just seeing the expressions of disbelief on people's faces is hilarious.

2. We have twin telepathy!

Honestly it's pretty funny how well we know each other and not just because we spent a majority of our lives together either. When we play games as a family or with friends, to be fair to everyone else we have to be separated. I'm telling you, twin telepathy is a real thing!

3. Even though I'm 4 years older than my sister, she acts like the older, mature one.

I'm not saying I'm a childish person but she carries herself differently in such a way that I go to her for advice, and not the other way around. As I got older, I use to ask my dad how come our relationship is so twisted, shouldn't she be the one coming to me? And he explained that's just how my sister is, and our sistership is the better for it. She is way wiser than I will ever be and the older I get, the more I appreciate that quality in her.

4. My sister knows and understands me more than any other person I know.

It's a bit scary sometimes when I want to keep things to myself and she immediately catches on to it. In fact, my sister was the one who helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. While I spent years constantly going back and forth between what I thought sounded good, she picked the most obvious course of life that I didn't even see.

5. We can trick people into thinking we're the other sister.

There have been many times my sister has come to my job and vice versa and people thought she was me. Fun fact, my sister and I have both worked at the same business and sometimes whenever I go to visit they the newer people think I'm her, and the older people think she's me! It brings us such joy to mess with people just a little. Of course it does have its downsides like when one of your brother's friends thinks he "scored" twins. Ugh.

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