Best Of Jeb Bush Campaign
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Best Of Jeb Bush Campaign

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Best Of Jeb Bush Campaign
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Jeb Bush is the latest candidate to drop out in this mess of an election, and while no one wanted him as president it's a sad occasion for America. The only way to describe Jeb Bush's campaign is to compare him to the unathletic kid who tries out for the football team but is bullied so much he quits. Who will be Donald Trump's punching bag during the debates now? If being the brother of a very hated past president wasn't hard enough to overcome, Jeb's actions throughout his campaign certainly didn't help. It's time this election should start getting serious and we have to start by doing the tough things like letting Jeb go. Jeb Bush was a plethora of entertainment but now all we can do is remember his campaign for its "greatness." From "Please Clap," to free turtles here are Jeb Bush's best campaign moments.

Jeb Bush Tweets A Picture Of His Gun

As Jeb Bush's campaign was winding down he decided to throw out one last ditch effort by tweeting a picture of his gun with the caption, "America." Half expected to see Donald Trump found dead in a dumpster behind a Denny's somewhere in Florida after this tweet. This was supposed to be the turning point in the election, Jeb isn't messing around anymore and he's ready to show Donald Trump he actually is a tough guy. Jeb dropped out of the race four days after this tweet.

Jeb Bush Hands Out Turtles

During his run for president, Jeb Bush handed out little sea turtles saying, "Slow and steady wins the race." Poor Jeb went from handing out small turtles to posting pictures of his gun to show that he meant business. When asked where he gets the turtles from he said he knows a guy, probably the same guy that sold him pot in high school.

Jeb Bush Is Not His Mom's Favorite

When your campaign is failing what else do you do but bring your 90-year-old mom out of retirement to say some words about you. When Jeb claimed that his mom said he was her favorite she responded by saying, "You mean of all the children? No." Barbara Bush is cold, there wasn't even the playful, "Oh you're all my favorite in different ways," it was just a straight up "no." Talk about my momma don't like you and she likes everyone.

Jeb Bush Asks People To "Please Clap"

While at a rally, he would most likely use for a campaign ad, Jeb Bush asked the audience to clap after he finished his speech. I've picked up on the fake applause in Jeb Bush's ads before but, this was just sad to watch. If you're going to a Jeb Bush rally the least you could do is clap for the poor guy. This one is the worst of it all, if you didn't even consider voting for him out of pity after this you have no soul.

This is it, Jeb's legacy. Generations of the Bush family will hear all about the two presidents they're related to while all Jeb will be remembered for is a couple turtles and a gun. Feel bad for him or don't that's your decision, but we will all miss Jeb. Most will consider this campaign a failure this wasn't a failure, however, Jeb will be back with a vengeance.

"Eat Your Heart Out Zuckerberg"

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