These NFL QB's need to be themselves
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3 NFL QBs Who Are Changing The Game With Their Personalities

From dating porn-stars to battling the NCAA, these QBs are what the NFL needs.

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The NFL is a multi-billion dollar company that was built by annoying fans, and men who worked their whole lives to catch balls without knowing what an actual catch is. But that's not the point; the NFL has one the best positions in sports! Ah yes, the quarterback is a prestigious fraternity within the sports world and it's probably the most boring of the fraternities. The NFL prefers their players to be clean cut and media friendly.

But this stiffness is what's making the league a boring spectacle, especially the sport is a collaboration of thespian art and gladiator competitions. So this brings us back to the clean QB and respectful manners. But a new generation of quarterbacks is taking a more vocal and cocky approach to the position. Here are some of the QBs who are changing the game by going against it.

1. Josh Rosen


Also known as the "Rosen One", Josh Rosen was selected in the first round of last year's draft by the Arizona Cardinals. But aside from his glory days at UCLA, Josh has always been vocal on the subject of paying college athletes. Rosen is a very smart kid, and he knows it. This self-empowerment has caused Josh to take the media and his position and use it to shine the light on the issue he cares about. prior to being drafted, Rosen had franchises shaking in their boots only because he was comfortable being himself.

According to the fabulous Jemele Hill, senior writer for The Undefeated, the NFL believes he's too political and too anti-trump. This leads to Rosen being what his teammates, who are majority black, can relate too. They all have to subdue their true selves to paint the picture of a pure and straight edge, Josh Rosen's outspokenness on issues is what makes him cool, and another outspoken QB in the same draft has some the same elements.

2. Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield was the 2017 Heisman Trophy, and the #1 overall pick in last year's draft. But the rock star persona that surrounds Baker is what causes the inevitable concern by franchises. Baker is known for speaking his mind and his mindblowing antics on the field. Despite planting flags and grabbing his crotch at mediocre BIG 12 teams, The Browns still drafted Baker, and the media coverage that surrounds him is exactly what the Browns are known to mess up.

Yes, Baker had some bad things happen in the past, but Baker has made it known that nothing will get in the way of what he wants. So the NFL's bad-boy QB is currently on the bench, but once he starts, it will definitely change the reputation of the position and will piss off the NFL's PR representatives. But that's why people love Baker; he tells it like it is. The aspect of having the truth and ferocity delt to you in a motivational and passionate way is what most people want to be lead by. And with that kind of mindset mixed with a little fun can be a lot of fun.

3. Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom Brady was once the prettiest QB in the league, that was until Patriots head coach fell in love with stud Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy was once heir to the New England throne once Brady retires or gets hurt, but due to his good looks and stellar performance during the deflate-gate scandal, Tom grew envious and wanted Jimmy out of there, not because over a spot on the roster, but because people were realizing that Brady looks his age when standing next to Jimmy. Which brings us to what's probably the nicest thing Bill Belichick has ever done publicly. Jimmy was traded to the 49ers to possibly one of the best coaches in the league in Kyle Shanahan. With that being said, Jimmy has one of the top QB contracts in the league. And with that kind of money, it sort of grants Jimmy G to do whatever he wants right?

Aside from the second most jersey sales in the league and his affiliation with the Patriots, what else sets Jimmy apart from the regular QB? Well in a recent piece by Bleacher Report writer Joon Lee, Jimmy tells his experiences so far in the league and all the fame that comes with it. Let it be known that the number 1 rule in football is that you keep your opinions to yourself. That being said, Jimmy proceeds to say that he thinks he's better than Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback in NFL history. And in mid-July, Jimmy was caught going on a date with an adult film star adding to this lifestyle that very few can pull off. usually ends in turmoil. But Jimmy G can handle the spotlight because he's just that bleeping cool, and that poise will come into play very well in the locker room when everyone sees that he isn't worried on and off the field.

The NFL is known for not having fun, and other leagues like the NBA allow their players to have personalities which creates a stronger brand overall. The quarterback is the beacon of every football team and is essential in every aspect when it comes to an identity. If the league would just ease up on ALL of its players, fun will come naturally and the money and business aspects(what they really care about) will soon follow. So please NFL, let the players be themselves, especially if it makes you look cooler instead of a bunch of stiff suits who tremble in fear when people speak.

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