The Best Music To Listen To While Studying
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The Best Music To Listen To While Studying

You remember every lyric, but can you recall what you just read in your textbook?

The Best Music To Listen To While Studying

By now, the "first round" of midterms is over for most students. We all know, however, that most classes will have midterm two coming up in just a couple weeks. Studying for these things always feels like a chore. I never have a problem studying for the final because at that point you're almost done. Midterms don't feel important enough to dedicate a week of my life to obsessing over content that I will inevitably forget 20 minutes after I walk out of the exam room.

However, studying for midterms is a must because they determine your grade at the end of the semester.

While most finals are cumulative, midterms (obviously) aren't. This means that you only have to know half of the material taught in the class, which (for me) is the saving grace.

If you are like me, you've already begun to study in a complete panic for the next round of midterms. Sometimes, it can really tax your motivation. I've found that listening to different types of music while studying certain subjects has helped me concentrate more, stay motivated and even help me retain what I learn.

1. For your Math homework

With math, you can listen to some of the most diverse music choices because you hardly have to focus on words. Usually when listening to music, the lyrics tend to combat with the words you are trying to read or write. But when doing math homework, hearing words isn't necessarily going to mess you up. In fact, it can make you more productive and help you get your work done faster. The genre of music you listen to will be open to your personal preference. I recommend listening to whatever music pumps you up or gets you excited.

2. Writing an essay

When writing a paper, I find that movie scores are by far the best decision. I know that many people find these soundtracks to be boring because they don't have any words, you can't sing along and sometimes you can't even hum along. But keep in mind, that's the point. Movie scores are meant to help tell a story, convey emotion and add to the scene. This also applies to you when you are working on something where the language you use is important. Listening to movie scores, video game soundtracks or ambient sounds will keep you concentrated on what you are doing without the distraction of lyrics. I have, more than once, found myself typing out the lyrics instead of what I meant to by typing. I can guarantee you that your favorite Taylor Swift lyrics will not get you the best grade in the world.

For all you gamers out there, I suggest picking out the soundtrack to your favorite game, but with one caveat. Don't choose a game from the horror genre. The reason I say this is because the music in horror games is often meant to scare you, which will be distracting and make it harder for you to finish your work. RPG's often have great soundtracks that are motivating, so start there. If you are still unsure, try out my favorite soundtrack for writing, "The Witcher 3."

For non-gamers, this may sound odd, but if you are having trouble finding music from one of your favorite movies, look to romantic comedies. These movies oftentimes have slow, but happy soundtracks that won't be overpowering or have strange tempos. My personal go-to is the soundtrack from 'The Holiday.'

3. Science and History

For subjects like Science or History, I always suggest listening to what you find the most upbeat. Words are not a problem for me with these subjects, but some people find it impossible to focus no matter what subject they study if they have their favorite tunes blasting in their ears. Regardless of the subject or type of music, don't play it too loud. Hearing the music in the background will be a lot better for you than if you have it turned up so loud you can't even hear your own thoughts.

4. No music can also be the best music

Of course, if you don't like music, (I know there are a few of you out there) studying in silence is always an option. Think of it as, the music of your brain working. You should also take breaks when you're studying. No one did themselves a favor by staring at a textbook they didn't understand for six hours straight.

The best thing you can do is a couple rounds of studying, using different methods and music to help you get through it while retaining as much information as you can. Try music you've never listened to before, genres you aren't sure you like and artists that are new to you. Do your best and find a way to make studying fun!

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