10 Best Moments Of Buzzfeed Unsolved

Buzzfeed Unsolved has been one of my favorite shows since I saw the first episode on snapchat about "Men In Black" and I am still an avid watcher today. While there are many moments that are amazing, here are a few of the best moments.

1. Shane being unfazed by energy in houses. 


Ryan probably didn't feel any actual energy, but Ryan has happy about it for a few seconds.

2. Ryan being terrified at literally everything. 


If you're like Shane and don't believe in the paranormal, Ryan's reactions make it pretty funny and still worth the watch.

3. Shane loving to call out demons.


This is a normal thing for Ryan to do, but this is probably one of his best callings.

4. Ryan informing Shane that they aren't dating.


Shane's heart might have broke a little bit at this scene, but probably not.

5. Ryan's brain making up noises.


In all honesty, it was more than likely a branch hitting the window behind him.

6. Comparing their ghost hunting in general.


Ryan is a firm believer in the supernatural and he's terrified of it. Shane... not so much.

7. Shane's very skeptic reactions about ghosts.


I think that Shane is only on the show to try and prove Ryan wrong or laugh about how much it terrifies him, or both.

8. Shane insulting demons.


"Quick, nothing is happening, insult them. Challenge them." - Shane's brain 24/7.

9. Ryan trying to lighten his mood and forget where he is.


I think this episode is the most terrified Ryan has been. This had to be a defense mechanism.

10. Shane mocking demons and Ryan being terrified. 


Not going to lie, I was terrified for Ryan at this point in his life and he probably has a few ghosts following him.

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