11 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Date Spots In Los Angeles, California
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11 Best Date Ideas For A Romantic Valentine's Day In Los Angeles, California

Fall in love all over again.

11 Best Date Ideas For A Romantic Valentine's Day In Los Angeles, California

Valentine's Day only comes around once a year, so it is time to make sure it is an extra special day for you and the one you love. If you're looking for a romantic date idea in Los Angeles, California, I've got just the list for you.

Here are 11 of the best date ideas for a very special Valentine's Day in LA:

Movie night in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Whether it is your first Valentine's Day together or your 10th one, there is nothing better than a movie night together.

Be a kid again and take a ride down the slide at the OUE Skyspace

Who wouldn't want to go down a slide with amazing views? OUE Skyspace allows you to be a kid again. It is a great date spot for those seeking something different!

Take a walk down the Malibu Pier and stop for dinner at Malibu Farm Restaurant

Enjoy the views and make sure to stop by Malibu Farm restaurant to enjoy the scenery while eating dinner as well.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and stop by Milk

From handcrafted milkshakes to baked goods, you will definitely get your sweet tooth filled by stopping here.

Grab your favorite meal and have a picnic on the beach

Looking for something cheap and easy? Pack up your favorite meal or go through a drive thru and head to the beach. It is always nice to have one on one time with no distractions.

Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills

Looking for something romantic for your partner? Look no further than Mastro's. They are known for their legendary steaks but make sure you save room for some of their butter cake. It is to die for!

Looking for some thrill? Go to The Basement's Escape Room 

Want to switch it up and bring a little thrill to your Valentine's Day? The Basement's Escape Room knows thrill and you will definitely have a time you both will remember.

Take a boozy trip to Malibu Wine Safaris

Who could ever resist an Instagram worthy wine trip with their S.O?!

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