25 K-Pop Songs That Have Earned A Spot On Any Playlist
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25 K-Pop Songs That Have Earned A Spot On Any Playlist

"Hit you with that DDU DU DDU DU"

25 K-Pop Songs That Have Earned A Spot On Any Playlist

Ever since "Gangnam Style" took over 2012, K-pop has slowly on the rise in North America. It's hard to ignore with groups like BTS getting nominated for and attending the Grammys and Blackpink being the first K-pop group to perform at Coachella K-pop is getting harder and harder to ignore.

A quick note before we get to the playlist: K-pop itself is not a genre. It refers to Korean pop, however, it is often used as a broad term simply for Korean music when that is not entirely accurate. Many of the songs on this list cross genre boundaries and therefore K-pop may not be the best term to describe them. Please take any "K-pop" classification with a grain of salt.

Now, onto the playlist! You can find all of the songs on this Spotify playlist.

1. "Egotistic" by Mamamoo

An infectious song that it's pretty much impossible not to dance to.

2. "Forever Young" by Blackpink

The definitive song off of Blackpink's most recent album "Square Up", "Forever Young" is a bop that you'll get absolutely addicted to. Check out the dance practice!

3. "Heroine" by Sunmi

An empowering song about being your own heroine and staying strong.

4. "Babe" by Hyuna

An adorable song that details her feelings about her relationship with fellow K-pop star, E'Dawn. It's a song that simply makes you happy listening to it.

5. "Call Me Baby" by EXO

A classic for EXO fans this song is fun and mixes genres to create a catchy pop song that you'll catch yourself singing hours later.

6. "I Love You" by EXID

EXID's most recent release--the song mixes a retro feel--with a love song which gives it a dance-able beat, with ballad worthy vocals.

7. "Dally" by Hyolyn

A song about a break up that will make you want to get down in the club. It's impossible not to be attracted to the slow progression of the song.

8. "Waste It On Me" by Steve Aoki ft. BTS

BTS' foray into English with the help of Steve Aoki. It's for all intents and purposes a Western pop song, but it's crossover appeal and unforgettable chorus make it a must for this list.

9. "Hero" by Monsta X

This song is absolutely infectious. It's beat is perfect for the gym and the song feels almost larger than life.

10. "Good Boy" by GD x Taeyang

The Big Bang alums teamed up to create a song with rap and EDM influences. It's easy to see why this song became an instant hit.

11. "Look" by GOT7

While not GOT7's most popular single, "Look" is a cute love song about taking away their lover's troubles. It's a sweet song with a pop beat.

12. "moonchild" by RM

A toned down song from BTS' RM, this song is comforting and relaxing in stark contrast to the rest of this list. It's a song that's perfect for stargazing.

13. "Killing Me" by IKON

An infectious dance hit from iKon it was among one of the most notable from 2018. The drop in the song is noteworthy and the buildup to it is worth it.

14. "Shine" by Pentagon

Ah, one of the reasons the shoot dance became so popular. Pentagon's "Shine" is a fun song and wholly just fun to listen to.

15. "SOLO" by Jennie

Blackpink's Jennie dropped a solo song aptly titled, "SOLO" in October 2018. It's a song that celebrates being single and owning it.

16. "Song Request" by Lee Sora ft. Suga

A new and unexpected collaboration between soloist Lee Sora and BTS' Suga. It has a rainy day feel and is definitely one of those songs that will make you stare out a rainy car window.

17. "Metronome" by Weki Meki

This song and Weki Meki, in general, are slept on by international fans. This song is rhythmic and I found myself drawn to it almost immediately.

18. "Save Me" by BTS

While from 2016, this song was recently referenced on their recent track "I'm Fine" and the song still stands up. While mixing EDM, pop, and hip hop the song is a favorite of fans.

19. "Forget About Tomorrow" by Jay Park

A slower dance song that is all about living in the moment.

20. "Want" by Taemin

A very recent release from SHINee's Taemin this sensual song became an instant classic and is currently tearing up the charts.

21. "Bad Boy" by Red Velvet

One of the definitive Red Velvet songs "Bad Boy" takes an interesting look at the bad boy trope and is all around just a fun song.

22. "Lip & Hip" by Hyuna

The second Hyuna song on this list, it is very different from the previous listing. "Lip & Hip" gives off a sexier vibe and is all about embracing yourself and your sexuality.

23. "Dance The Night Away" by Twice

A catchy pop song that doesn't need much explanation. It is simple and all around easy to listen to.

24. "Really Really" by Winner

Another song you'll find yourself singing long after turning it off. It is infectious and the beat is impossible not to dance to.

25. "Lo Siento" by Super Junior

Super Junior's take on the recent Latin-inspired trend. Not only does the Latin beat perfect and rhythmic, but they enlist Leslie Grace to sing the chorus and bring in more Spanish lyrics.

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