Hey guys! I recently attended KCON NY 2016 at the Prudential Center and it was awesome!

So, in the spirit of all things K-pop, here are 11 K-pop songs to help you cool in this summer heat!

1. Fun Fact: Eric Nam came on stage with a bouquet of roses and started giving them to fans during his KCON performance. I was forever moved by his gesture. <3

2. Fun Fact: This song was released in November 2015, but the feel I think fits the good vibes of summer.

3. Fun Fact: Same artist, but released in summer 2016. Actually speaks to the melo vibes of summer <3

4. Fun Fact: This is the 2nd summer duet that San E and Raina have done. Their first duet together was released in 2013 (A midsummer night's sweetness) and it was a hit!

5. Fun Fact: This is Baek A Yeon's second attempt at a summer hit (and it ranked high on the Korean music charts so I'd say it was a success). She released a summer hit, Shouldn't Have, last year.

6. Fun Fact: This song was released as an OST for the hit drama across Asia, Descendants of the Sun. Still such a feel good song <3

7. Fun Fact: This was one of the releases that marked Jessica's first attempt at a music career after leaving girl group powerhouse, Girls' Generation.

8. Fun Fact: Sadly Crush didn't perform this song at KCON NY, but still his voice is like an angel <3

9. This was released as a spring song, but Eddy Kim and Lee Sung Kyung's voices can carry on into summer <3 Also, apparently, these two are close friends.

10. This song was released as an OST for hit drama Another Miss Oh and is currently placing well on the Korean music charts.

11. This song is reggae inspired and is about a breakup trip to the beach.

Hope you liked the songs and don't forget to keep cool this summer!