Everyone has that one show that they could just watch over and over again and never get tired of it. The writers do that on purpose. They make these characters so likable/relatable you feel like your friends with them too! Here are some of the best running gags from tv sitcoms that still make me laugh even though I've heard them hundreds of times:

1. "We were on a break!" - Friends

The whole team rachel, team ross debate still goes on to this day people... This is the most legendary out of all running jokes in my opinion. It was such a huge moment in the show when Ross decided to cheat and break Rachel's heart (you can tell who's side I'm on), and this line just became SUCH a big part of popular culture. This gif isn't from the first scene but you get the gist, Ross says this... a lot.

2. Slapsgiving - How I Met Your Mother

This show is so cleverly written. It's been a while since I've re-watched, but I'm pretty sure, this all stems from a slap bet Marshall and Barney make during the Robin Sparkles episode. Barney slaps Marshall without the permission from the slap bet commissioner, Lily, so they give him a choice: he can either be slapped 10 times immediately or 5 times at any given time of Marshall's choosing. Somehow, the slaps always happen at thanksgiving. It's hilarious, and arguably one of their best bits throughout the whole show.

3. True American - New Girl

I don't think the rules on this game will ever be totally understood or explained... Basically, the group of friends who live in the loft, created a patriotic drinking game called True American. They play it throughout the series A LOT. The rules have always been super confusing to the audience, but we just know it's entertaining as hell and that we'd join in at any minute. A lot fo important plot lines emerge from some of these games as well.... oooooo

4. Picking on Jerry- Parks and Recreation

Poor Garry Girgich... which is his real name, by the way. We like to believe it's all out of love, but the staff at Pawnee's Parks and recreation department really just love to bust co-worker Jerry allll the time. From pie in the face, being blamed for Lil' Sebastian's disappearance, ripping his pants, you name it - the guy can't catch a break. His pain is our entertainment.

5. Where is Fez From? - That 70's Show

I'm pretty sure that you never find out where Fez is truly from throughout the entirety of That 70's Show.. Every once in a while Kelso or Eric will ask Fez, "yeah so where are you from again?" and the question is totally deflected in the most hilarious way.. I guess we'll never know!

6. Charlie's Illiteracy - Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Charlie literally can't even speak... there have been so many instances on the show where the characters have accused him of being illiterate because he seriously cannot read or write simple things. The gang always keeps him in check though.

7. Michael vs. Toby - The Office

If you're a fan of the office you know this one-sided feud is one of the funniest things about this show. It is definitely my favorite part of Michael's character. Toby has no ill feelings towards Michael, but for some reason, Toby just really pisses him off. Throughout the entire show Michael bulies him, throws a party when he moves to Costa Rica, terrorizes his HR meetings - it's just the best comedy.

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