5 Podcasts Perfect For Your Walk To Class
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5 Girl Boss Podcasts For Your Walk To Class

A list of some girls boss podcasts to motivate you and make you laugh.

5 Girl Boss Podcasts For Your Walk To Class

It seems like more and more these days new podcasts are popping up left and right. It is the new "YouTuber" to call yourself a "podcaster", and while there are a lot of choices out there, it can get confusing on which ones are going to float your boat. Here are five podcasts that are going to get you motivated on your walk to class.

The Morning Toast

"The Morning Toast" is a daily podcast from two girl boss sisters that do a live showing on YouTube every morning. Jackie and Claudia are like your new big sisters. They're funny, straight to the point, and help keep you in tune with reality. Every show they do five new stories that you need to know before you take a bite out of your morning toast. This is followed by usually an hour of great content from two girls living in New York City. They're definitely good company to keep because like I said, they are like your big sister setting it straight and keeping you in line.

Girls Gotta Eat

Rayna and Ashley are two funny, confident girl bosses helping you navigate the wild world of men in today's age. While they do tackle the tough topics like sex, one night stands, and breakups, they are also there to motivate you and remind you to love yourself first. These two are a personal favorite because not only are they funny, but they also remind you that no matter your relationship status you are still a boss. They keep positive energy and help you get through the tough situations that come with dating, relationships and also just being a single girl.

Gals on the Go

If you love Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio as Youtubers, chances are you will love their podcast. Although they can get on tangents about materialistic things, they are a fun going podcast if you don't take it too seriously. While their advice can be a little situational, they are just nice to listen too. It's kind of like listening to your besties rant about their lives. You take it as it is. They do however have some good advice, especially Brooke, that can help you feel on track and like a girl boss to tackle the craziness college has to offer.

Off the Vine

What college girl doesn't love Bachelorette alum Kaitlyn Bristowe and wine? The great thing about Off The Vine is that Kaitlyn tackles all the topics from love to health to Kane Brown to the juicy gossip that the Bachelor and Bachelorette fans are dying to know. No one podcast is the same! She is funny, classy and the Kaitlyn we all know and love. She also has a new man in her life, and what better way to get the details of her love life but from the Queen herself. This podcast is a favorite because not only is it light-hearted and perfect when you need a laugh, but Kaitlyn is always reminding you to be unapologetically who you are, no matter what. What better message for a college girl to hear?

What We Do


Former Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, is the O.G. girl boss. Her podcast, What We Do, without a doubt, will leave you inspired. Kira brings on girl boss guests who help you tackle starting your own business, public speaking, women in STEM, and how to be a hustler. I could listen to Kira's voice all day. Not only is her podcast multidimensional but so is she—from being Miss America to a Golf expert—Kira does it all, but as every good girl boss knows, you must take care of yourself first. Kira promotes a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. If you are ever feeling uninspired, leave it to Kira to turn it around.

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