To My Newest Best Friends,

As I was preparing to move into my freshman dorm, I didn't have high expectations to find my closest friends here. I'd heard horror stories of crazy roommates and obnoxious hall mates, so I thought I'd find friends with similar interests elsewhere, through clubs, organizations and even in my classes. I quickly realized that this assumption I had made was completely wrong. The people with whom I'd become closest with were the people just footsteps away.

It is incredible that not too long ago, these women, who hadn't grown up with me and didn't know the first thing about my life or my background, would become a major part of my support system during my first year of college. From buying saltines and Gatorade for me when I was sick, to surprising me with Starbucks and ice cream when I was sad, we have wept together through the hard times, prayed together through uncertainty and celebrated together in every success.

While my friends and family at home are incredibly supportive and loving, I don't know how I would've made it through this year without these women walking alongside me, laughing with me, crying with me and loving me.

I can't thank you enough for being the best listeners, for comforting me when I've needed it most, and for sometimes even pushing me outside my comfort zone. Thank you for being apologetically you and for accepting me exactly how I am, even with all of my flaws. I can only hope that I've been half as great of a friend to you, as you have been to me.

I will forever cherish the memories we've made. We've cheered on our Dukes at football games, taken trips to Panera and Chipotle, tried out local restaurants and had countless movie nights (even though some of the movies have been a little disappointing). I've truly enjoyed every minute we've spent together this year.

I know that our friendships didn't happen by accident. God knew exactly what I'd need this year, so before I even knew it, He made sure that one of my best friends would be my roommate and another one of my best friends would be right next door. It saddens me that in just a few weeks, we will no longer live together in 5A, but I know that our friendships will last long after move-out day. I am so privileged to call the two of you my friends and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us — because I know that with your willpower, ambition and big hearts, you will both go far.

Much Love,

Your Neighbor, Roommate and Lifelong Friend