The time has come where everyone is looking at apartments and trying to figure out not only where to live, but who to live with. Although it has come across as some big myth that you shouldn't room with your friends, I think that myth is completely bizarre!

After having random roommates my freshman year, I had no one to turn to when trying to figure out where to live the upcoming year. Although I made a few friends and joined a sorority, I couldn't think of anyone that I would want to live with. Thankfully, during recruitment this past year I was able to find my other half. If it wasn't for those late night McDonald's runs or quick morning drives to the sorority house in the car, we would have never gotten so close! I do understand that transitioning from high school to college can be a challenge, especially if you are living with those that you knew in high school, but a college best friend is so much different. College friends are those that you can meet and immediately become best friends with, they don't share the same memories as you and your high school friends, and honestly, that's sometimes a good thing. They can see you for who you are now.

In high school, I was thought to be the quiet and nice girl, and although that is totally okay, I'm glad that college has given me the opportunity to branch out. I never thought that I would find a roommate that is also my best friend. Also, living with her makes living a lot easier, especially if you are very open and honest with one another. Sometimes you feel hesitant to speak to your roommate if you are not as close or feel as though you are overstepping your boundaries.

Not to mention, that living with your best friend means that every night is a sleepover. We'll be with each other through it all, and it's better to come home to a best friend than anyone else. I'm excited to live with my best friends and sorority sister next year, wish us luck!