When Your Best Friend Is Your Roommate
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To My Best Friend Turned Roommate, From One Froomie To Another

#Froomies for life, am I right?

To My Best Friend Turned Roommate, From One Froomie To Another
Macarena Calzado

Coming into college as a freshman, it can be a little scary not knowing anyone. I was really lonely the first few weeks as I opened up to people and made myself vulnerable to new friendships. A month in, I found myself talking to a random girl before a review session. We immediately hit it off talking about how scared we were for the next exam (a theme that would run deep in our friendship in the years to come) and how we both knew we had to study hard. She invited me to her friend group's review session, and the rest is history.

Newsflash, that girl is now one of my best friends in the entire world and the girl I am lucky enough to call my roommate (Housemate? Apartment mate? All of the above, honestly.). Turns out that it was really out of the ordinary for either of us to talk to a random stranger in a class, so it was clearly fate that we met. So this one is to you, froomie. Thanks for loving me and being the amazing person you are!

Hey Pal,

Yeah, it's me. I may be the sappy one in this friendship, but hear me out. Who knew that when we were little baby freshmen first becoming friends we would end up living in the same tiny apartment with bedrooms literally a foot away from each other. Wild, right?

Well, let me just say that there is no one else I'd rather start this journey of adulthood with. I know I may not know how to cook much, but thanks for being patient with me and helping me out along the way. I haven't given you food poisoning yet, so I guess that's a good start (and honestly, vice versa because chicken can be hard to cook sometimes let's be honest). Here's to many more Kroger runs as we experiment with this thing called "cooking." But, with that said, here's also to nights of delivery because we both know we're too busy to actually cook most nights.

Thanks for staying up way too late with me watching endless YouTube videos while we both avoid our giant pile of homework sitting right in front of us. Who needs to study when we have Hank and John Green to watch on the TV screen? Thanks for listening to me rant and for dealing with my constantly nervous self (there's just so much to worry about I need someone to tell me it's all fine). And thanks for not judging me for all the weird things I do (sometimes chocolate cake just belongs in the fridge, OK?). Speaking of food, I love knowing that I can come home and feast on all the carbs we have in the apartment with you because let's face it, carbs are our main food source.

On the other end, though, thanks for always being my constant source of laughter. After a long day of work and classes, I know I can always look forward to coming home to some classic puns from you. I have never laughed harder with anyone, and I appreciate you for that. Some of my favorites memories are from us simply laying on the couch or my bed together talking about anything and everything until well into the morning hours of the day. And thanks for letting me third wheel phone calls with your boyfriend. Maybe someday I'll have one of my own I also, and you'll be welcome to third wheel our conversations too!

Thanks for taking care of me when I'm sick (which we both know is too often) and always having your first aid kit at the ready. Honestly, who knows what I would do without you and your first aid kit full of medicine, cough drops and everything in between. Thanks for loving hugs just as much as me because we all need hugs in our life. Thanks for always talking me down when I overthink everything and anything but for also making sure I know that my thoughts are valid.

But overall, thanks for just being your amazing self. Thanks for loving me unconditionally and not letting a fight get in the way of the friendship we have formed. Thanks for being selfless and putting my needs in front of your own when you know it's needed. When I need a late night pick-me-up I know exactly who to go to (you always have the perfect YouTube video to watch). Thanks for showing me what it means to be a good friend and for helping me open myself to new thoughts and ideas. You really are a one in a million kind of friend. I couldn't ask for a better walking-to-class buddy, best friend or roommate. Whoever said that rooming with your best friend ruins friendships has clearly never met us. Love you to Spring Street Treats and back again (times 1000) and thanks for being the incredible human that you are.


Your Roomie

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