Yes, my boyfriend is my best friend, and I am not sorry about it at all.

He has been there for me at my worst. He has seen ugly tears roll down my face as I cry to him about something that has happened. He is always there to wipe those tears away while hugging me and telling me everything will be OK. He is there offering comfort and forever trying to cheer me up. He is the one I prefer to cry to because of this.

He isn't only there in the hurt. He is by my side during the happiest moments of my life. I love to be adventurous, and he is right there with me, enjoying every moment. We have made so many memories that are filled with laughter and joy. I look forward to days where we can experience something new. Even days that would seem not so special to someone else can become some of the best days ever. Just being able to spend time together can brighten my day.

My boyfriend is my personal comedian. He is always cracking jokes, some funny and some not. Either way, I end up laughing. He is the goofiest person I know, yet also the most serious. We can have the most in-depth talks about everything under the sun. I value talks like this instead of just simple small talk.

My boyfriend is also my biggest support. He is there when I fall down to help me get back up. He is also there when I succeed with a big smile on his face saying he knew I could do it all along. He drives me to be a better person every single day. He tries so hard to be the best he can for me, and it only pushes me to do the same. He is not only my boyfriend, my best friend, but also someone I look to.

It is OK if your boyfriend is your best friend.

But girl, you need some girlfriends too. I don't know where I would be without my girls by my side. They make me laugh, support me, and help make the best memories.

They're there with a text or call, telling you how "kick butt" you are and that you can do anything you want. They're that extra bit of sass and fun that you need. They're also there to tell you if your outfit looks good, what you should buy and how to do your hair for the day. You need some girlfriends too.

Do not be the girl that forgets about them once you get a boyfriend. He can be your best friend, your better half, and everything you ever wanted. But he is not a replacement for your friends. Don't be so involved that you forget about them because then you create a bad rep for the rest of us.

So I am here to set things straight. It is OK that your best friend is your boyfriend, just don't forget your girlfriends.