​To The Best Friend I Made In My First Semester

Going into college, I wasn’t as scared about making friends as I probably should have been. I surely didn’t hold any expectations for how I’d make friends and what they’d be like. Having attended 12 schools prior to entering college and having been able to form great friendships within a short amount of time, I figured it wasn’t going to be hard. And it really wasn’t.

We met at a time that was probably one of our lowest points in the semester, and for that I’m grateful because we learned that we could depend on each other right from the start. Even with many challenges facing us, both as a pair and as individuals, we were able to move forward and see what it really means to grow in college.

This person has picked me up, literally and figuratively, from some of my lowest lows in the past few months. They have allowed me to feel free to complain, rant, and whatnot, without feeling bothersome. I know I can call this person at 2 in the morning, and still be granted full attention and wholesome advice.

And they know I will always be there for them. Or at least, they should know that by now.

Not going to lie, we’ve had our share of downs. But when your friendship is strong enough, you push your usual pettiness aside and continue to be there for them in times of need. Plus, I think we know a little too much about each other, if you know what I mean. You’re stuck with me forever – I’m just kidding.

We’ve cried together, laughed together, studied until 3 a.m. together, and partied a little too hard together. I’ve probably slept in your bed as often as I’ve slept in my own. When I’m overthinking, you’ve set me straight. When I’m all “asdfsjhuicsdhjf” about something, you “adjoifriwfdvs” right along with me. When I feel like going on a run to relieve my stress, you’ve run with me, even when it’s midnight and we need to wake up early for class the next day.

In just a matter of months, my Snapchat Memories has filled to the brim with our narcissistic moments and the many videos that I love showing you the morning after our late-night antics. Thanks for modeling for me AND giving me photography credit; you know how much that matters to me.

Real talk, how many burritos did we split this semester?

Even as we’re on our winter break right now and can’t physically be present for each other, this person continues to push me to be the better person I’m striving to be this year. In times of panic and pure confusion, I can count on receiving a text along the lines of “Don’t care too much about it. Focus on yourself.” And the usual motto, “Bad b*tch, not a sad b*tch.” Thank you for making me realize my self-worth and scaring all the boys away for me.

Keep up your relationships that you begin in college because you have no idea how good they will be to you. You will find that people are struggling just as much as you are, if not more, and you will learn to build a support system that equally benefits you both.

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