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It’s Wedding Season And My Best Friend Is Getting Married And Her Man Needs To Know How I Feel About It

Thank you for loving her the way she deserves and being a man who she can always count on.

Angelina Pranger

Dear Groom,

Wow, the time has finally come for you and my best friend to say "I do." I remember when the two of you started dating and I remember the night you asked her to be your girlfriend. She immediately texted me afterward so excited and to be honest, I was too. I had never seen her this way with a guy before.

She had gone through heartbreak and guys who were not there for the right reason. She had seen way too many times what it was like to lose trust in men. She needed someone stable and all in for her. That's when you showed up, out of nowhere.

You walked her to class, paid for her meals, and mixed well with her group of friends. You had a heart for God and a passion to make the world better. You both were different but similar. It seemed like an easy fit from the start.

I always felt comfortable hanging out with the two of you. Whether it was Sunday church nights or watching a movie, I never felt like a third wheel. That was one of the reasons why I knew you were going to be around for a while. You were able to handle her best friends.

The ways in which you sent her good morning texts, bought her flowers just because, opened her car door, or the numerous other things you did to show her you were not like the others, showed me that this was love and not lust.

It's crazy to me that after two years of being engaged and conquering long distance, the big day is almost here! It is time for you to start providing for her, being there for her 24/7, and living life next to my favorite human on the planet. She is one of the most important people in my life and her giving her heart to you is not an easy task.

She's strong, kind, and has a passion for the Lord. She is my definition of what a leader should be and a missionary for Christ. She may be stubborn but it is only because she loves with her whole heart and does not give up on anything.

I knew that when you two got engaged that she found a man who was going to love her for the rest of her life. The fact that your relationship is based on God is something that I both admire and look up to. You guys truly are a power couple.

So as you get ready for a lifetime that will be filled with memories, remember that you have one of the most unique and beautiful souls. You have a woman who is not only hard working but devotes every ounce of her being to serving the Lord, which is so so rare.

Life is not always going to be easy. There are going to be trials but if I have learned anything through watching your guys' relationship it is that you can get through this roller coaster of a life no matter what is thrown at you. When things get hard, remember to get on your knees and pray. To love one another through the bad.

Thank you for loving her the way she deserves and being a man who she can always count on.


Her Best Friend

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