Power Ranking The 5 Best Fictional Sports Coaches
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Power Ranking The 5 Best Fictional Sports Coaches

Power ranking 5 fictional sports coaches as if they were real coaches.

Power Ranking The 5 Best Fictional Sports Coaches

Fictional sports coaches come from a multitude of movies and TV shows. They do an amazing job capturing their fictional teams and players as well as leaving an impact on the audience. The 5 best fictional coaches for these power rankings consists of Coach Carter from Coach Carter the movie, Eric Taylor from the Friday Nights Lights show, Sean Porter from Gridiron Gang, Patches O'Houlihan from Dodgeball and Herman Boone from Remember the Titans

5) Herman Boone: Herman Boone had the impossible task of taking over as head coach for the newly integrated TC Williams High school. Not only does he have to deal with the consistent racial tensions among the players and community, he also has to balance the former head coach as his new defensive coordinator. Boone eventually leads the team to the Virginia state football title, even with the state trying to throw their semi final game. Boone is a great leader of men and navigates all the social issues and drama that arises to inspire us and his team.

4) Sean Porter: Talk about coaches with an impossible job. Porter works at a correctional facility for teenagers and puts together a football team for them. He has to recruit the inmates to sign up, find them a high school football schedule and keep the players out of trouble on top of calming the rival gang members to play as a team. Sean Porter pulls all this off and keeps his players straight all the way to a championship appearance. Porter motivates his players and does a great job setting most of their lives back on a positive track and inspires all of us.

3) Patches O'Houlihan: Patches O'Houlihan is not a traditional coach. He is basically brought off the street as a drunk, although a living legend in the dodgeball world, to teach a group of un-athletic losers how to win in dodgeball. His unorthodox coaching methods lead the Average Joe's to the Dodgeball finals and builds confidence in each member of the team. Patches untimely death leads to the extra push needed for the Joe's to win it all proving that all styles of coaching can leave an impact.

2) Coach Carter: Coach Carter was all about setting the example and turning his players into men off the court. Carter took over coaching at his old high school and had to deal with a team that were not outstanding citizens and bad at basketball. Coach Carter set up rules to improve their off the court standing and coached hard on the court to improve their record. His teachings set the players up for success and led them to become outstanding men. He was a true father figure and showed us just how much compassion can impact a person.

1) Eric Taylor: Eric Taylor motivates and impacts his players like no other. He takes over coaching football for a town that only cares about winning state titles and nothing else. He navigates through all the hardships the town throws at him, losing his best player and trying to balance his family life. He becomes a real father figure to his backup QB and all his players along the way. Not only his compassion he coaches the Xs and Os on the way to 2 state titles with multiple teams. Coach Taylor is beloved by all on and off the screen.

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