Rico Nasty: Best Female Rapper Of 2019

Rico Nasty: Best Female Rapper Of 2019

No, Rico Nasty is NOT a wrestler.


Nicki Minaj or Cardi B? Neither.

Let's be honest... if you are a female and you want to pursue a rap career you should invest in two things: a ghostwriter and a cosmetic surgeon. Does anyone care about Lil Wayne's waist to hip ratio? Or whether or not Future's braids are real or synthetic? The quick and simple answer is no. For women in the hip-hop industry selling sex appeal seems to be their only choice.

But that's where Rico Nasty differs from the rest (yes, that is her real stage name). Rico sells everything but sex. Relying on substance and talent rather than cheap lines about sex, Rico Nasty raises the bar for women in the rap community in the most refreshing way possible.

The Baltimore based rapper started her career in 2016 with a limited mixtape titled "The Rico Story" which quickly generated a loyal fanbase around her unique sound. With humble beginnings on SoundCloud, her style has been self-dubbed as "sugar trap". Sugar trap can be best described as a blend of alternative-punk and classic trap/drill with an unexpected twist only Rico can provide. This blend of genres (a.k.a "sugar trap") is most apparent on tracks such as "Poppin" and "Sandy".

Aside from Rico's role in developing sugar trap, her success can largely be attributed to her intense vocals and gripping lyrics. In fact with her vocals being so intense her most recent collaboration with producer Kenny Beats was fittingly titled "Anger Management". With an equally charged production, this project matches Rico's contagious energy and flow on point. Therefore, Kenny Beats is basically the Ying to Rico Nasty's Yang. The pair have collaborated in the past beginning with one of Rico's most popular songs "Smack A B***H", which currently almost 17 million views on YouTube.

Instead of being branded as an object, Rico has made a name for herself without the drama or scandals we are so used to. Whether or not you even like this genre of music, there is no doubt that Rico Nasty is changing the standards we set for women in the music industry.

For those who aren't already listening, do yourself a favor and check out Rico's latest release titled "Anger Management" to see for yourself.

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