Best Rides at Walt Disney World
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12 Best Disney World Rides Ranked by a Floridian

And no, It's A Small World is not on this list.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson

With so many new attractions and things to explore, it's hard to do everything Walt Disney World has to offer in just one trip, meaning that you have to choose your adventure carefully. Here's a list of the twelve most unmissable rides the next time you visit the House of the Mouse.

Frozen Ever After.

Okay, okay – this isn't exactly a thrill ride, but as far as animatronics go, this ride is the most technically advanced. With updated technology and interesting sights during the wait, this boat ride through Arendale is fun for all ages.

Location: Epcot (Norway)

Mad Tea Party.

Maybe it's not a roller-coaster, but the Mad Hatter's teacups could definitely count as a thrill ride. With the ability to control your own spin speed, however, these teacups are fun for all – the weak and the strong of stomach. Plus, this ride is essentially a Disney classic. If you haven't ridden the teacups, you haven't really been.

Location: Magic Kingdom (Fantasyland)


Hop in the time machine and buckle your seatbelts, because this ride is an intense one. As you travel back in time on the dino-tour, you'll come face to face with all kinds of dinos, including some of the less friendly carnivores. While this ride remains one of my favorites, it can be a little scary for younger children.

Location: Animal Kingdom (DinoLand, U.S.A.)

Avatar Flight of Passage.

One of the newest attractions in the park, Flight of Passage is similar to Soarin', only with newer technology and views of a different world. With a unique ride design, you'll feel like your actually flying.

Location: Animal Kingdom (Pandora)

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

While this ride is not terribly exciting, the line for is exceptional. Interactive and fun all the way through, the line for Winnie the Pooh is almost better than the ride itself, for small kids and adults alike.

Location: Magic Kingdom (Fantasyland)

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin / Toy Story Mania.

These rides are unique in that they are interactive all the way through. Throughout the ride, you can battle your friends by shooting at the targets, and compete for the most points in the end. While the two rides are essentially the same (one focused on shooting Zurg before he invades the galaxy, and the other featuring the whole Toy Story crew) you should ride at least one during your visit.

Location: Magic Kingdom (Tomorrowland) / Hollywood Studios (Pixar Place)

Test Track.

Design your own car and compete against your friends to see whose creation holds up best to a series of high speed tests. This is one of my all time favorite rides, and a must do for ever visitor.

Location: Epcot (Future World)

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Inspired by the classic TV show (and the not-so-great 90's movie), the Tower of Terror is more about the experience than the ride. While the ride itself is just a simple drop ride, it's worth it simply for the decorations.

Location: Hollywood Studios (Sunset Boulevard)

Mission: SPACE.

With two ride options - a more intense mission to mars and a less intense training program – this ride is well suited for all types of astronauts. Either way, it's worth the wait.

Location: Epcot (Future World)

Space Mountain.

A park classic, this roller-coaster through the dark is a must-do for all Disney guests – both the first timers and the veterans. Though it is more intense than some of the other rides on this list, it is one of the best rides in the park.

Location: Magic Kingdom (Tomorrowland)

Haunted Mansion.

It gave me nightmares as a kid and humors me as an adult – this ride is perfect for all guests, and way more exciting than the Eddie Murphy movie by the same name. I feel almost required to ride this every time I visit the back, and have never once been disappointed.

Location: Magic Kingdom (Liberty Square)

Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain.

Explore Mount Everest and join the search for the yeti on the coolest ride in the park. A classic ride and one of the best roller-coasters in the park, this ride by far tops everything else on this list. If you ride nothing else, ride this.

Location: Animal Kingdom (Asia)

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