Thank You For Being My Superhero, Dad
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Thank You For Being My Superhero, Dad

Dad, through your inspiration, I grew up believing in myself. Thank you for helping shape who I am today.

Thank You For Being My Superhero, Dad
Sydney Welch

Dear Dad,

Thank you for being the best role model a girl could ask for

When I was born, you were just 26 years old, which is not much older than I am today. First, I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done and continue to do for me. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am that I have you to look up to every day.

It’s not like when I was a child and thought you were some indestructible superhero who could take a bullet, but it is now a more realistic role model that I am still equally blessed to have.

I want to thank you for raising me the way you did. You taught me to have a sense of humor, manners, and most importantly, selflessness. You did everything you could to make sure I had the best childhood and were an excellent father. Words can’t explain how grateful I am to have you in my life.

Thank you for being there

Dad, I want to thank you for just being there. Even if we didn’t talk while seeing each other, I enjoyed your presence and still do. You were truly always there for every life obstacle, and I have to say you nailed the “dad role” you so strongly aspired to be.

You came to every long and boring dance recital. You played catch with me on weekends even though I was awful at it. You made sure to buy enough cookie dough so that I could win those overrated prizes for the school fundraisers.

It didn’t matter how small my goals were—you were always there to help me succeed or fail. There were plenty of those moments, and you were there to help me pick up the pieces. No matter how difficult it was to be a single dad, you never let your frustration show. I know I was a difficult child at times, so that had to take all the patience in the world.

Thank you for never letting me give up

Thank you so so so much for never letting me quit anything that I started. Though as a kid I hated band, choir, and many other activities/projects, you never let me give up. That life lesson has paid dividends and continues to each and every day.

Now, I don’t give up easily and owe that to you. I push harder each day to be the best me I can be and try to obtain my full potential. I hate to admit it when you’re right, but you usually are, and for this I say “you are right, Dad.”

Dad, through your inspiration, I grew up believing in myself. I grew up with a positive mindset. I grew up watching selflessness on a daily basis. Thank you for helping shape who I am today, and thank you for having a caring heart. Thank you for always being there. I am forever appreciative that you’re in my life. You are my dad, my biggest supporter, my friend, and my hero—all in one.

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