College students cry, a lot. Don't act like you don't because I will see right through it. Sometimes we cry because we ran out of our favorite snack, or lost our headphones, or didn't do so hot on an exam we studied so hard for. Crying is a great way to deal with your emotions because you get it all out in one solid cry, and then you get on with your life. URI students deserve to know the best places to cry besides in their shower before someone else comes in and disrupts them.

I've asked my fellow students some of the best places on campus to let those tears out, that way you have some options when your roommate is around and you just need to let a couple sobs loose.

1. A booth on the third floor of the library

As long as you're a quiet crier, get yourself a nice booth and let it all out

2. A handicapped bathroom

No one will disturb you, so you can just pop a squat and let the tears flow.

3. Two-person study room in the library

I'll give you a reason to cry if you cry in a study room any bigger than a two person one. Just get yourself a nice two person study room, play some sad songs, and go for it. The weekend is the best time to do that, no ones ever really around.

4. I-Zone

You can't cry when you're stuffing yourself with a calzone. The tears of sadness will become tears of happiness.

5. Stairwells that are hidden on either side of the library

I didn't even know these were a thing, a fellow student and sorority sister mentioned this one to me, and I honestly think it may be my new go-to cry spot once I figure out where they are.

6. The greenhouses

It's quite the walk to get to them, but once you're there just hide behind some plants and viola.

7. The quad under the stars

Whether you sit on a bench or just lie in the middle of it, hit the Quad at night and cry while you stare at the sky. Might need to bundle up, so bring a blanket.

8. A hidden bench in CBLS

CBLS has so many random benches scattered around all of the floors, there's bound to be a free bench you can sit on. The views from CBLS are fantastic, so at least you'll get a great view while you're sobbing!

9. Behind someone when it's raining on the way to class

You'll be wet from the rain so no one will question it.

10. In a Hopkins lounge that connects the towers

Hopkins has these great lounges with long benches that I never see anyone in. You have plenty of room to spread out and will be able to hear if anyone is coming so you can halt the tears for a hot second.

11. Beside Insomnia Cookies

Stuff your face with cookies and milk and just cry on the sidewalk. It's all good.

12. On the treadmill or elliptical in the gym

Sweat or tears? No one will know.

13. The back of the RIPTA late in the day

Take a scenic route around campus in the back of the RIPTA. Everyone just does their own thing on there, so if you feel like you gotta cry, just cry and enjoy the ride.

You can get away with crying basically anywhere at URI, no one will judge you. We're all in this together. Cry on.