Netflix's Best Crime Thrillers You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching
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Crime shows, specials, and documentaries are some of the most popular things on television. Shows such as "Dateline," "Criminal Minds" and "48 Hours" have paved the way for fictional and nonfictional accounts of various crimes. Although these programs are often scary, they are also often impossible to stop watching. Netflix has stepped up its game in the documentary area and has released a few insanely good specials.

Here are three crime-related specials you won't be able to stop watching.

1. "The Ted Bundy Tapes"

This documentary was just released by Netflix, but has been talked about non-stop since. It has received a lot of heat for possibly romanticizing the character of Bundy, but this documentary provides an insight like no other. Actual tapes and footage of the Bundy case reveal his charisma and charm towards everyone around. Just a short four episodes will have you glued to the tv until it is over.

2. "Abducted In Plain Sight"

This crime special goes into detail about the horrifying abduction of a young girl by one of her good family friends. However, this one is taken to the next level because the abducted girl herself is present in the documentary and gives her first-hand account of the events that took place. The insanity and tragedy of this story will keep you hooked for the entire 90 minutes, as the story gets more bizarre as it continues.

3. "American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace"

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Although portrayed through a fictional retelling, the cast of "American Crime Story" puts forth a remarkable effort in reenacting the assassination that shook Miami, and the world. This is the second season of this television show, but as each season focuses on a different event, this one focuses on the "why" of the murdering of this fashion icon. It is informative, but also beautiful and entertaining at the same time.

If crime is not your thing, steer clear of these three, but if you love a good thriller, these are for you. All three analyze and portray true events that impacted this country, and the world. They're all beautifully done and I can guarantee you won't be able to stop watching.

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